1. Huux updated their model to include a night lighting option at the crucial living room/Dylan junction. God damn!

  2. Sorry, that was sloppy of me! I meant to include it (I thought everyone knew!) It's an incredible piece of work from this guy.

  3. i am also a 2 jetta -> tiguan! got my 2022 SE on sunday.

  4. These wheels are 100 times better than the ‘22s congrats!

  5. Just got mine yesterday. Obsessed.

  6. Got a 2023 SE last week and power lift gate was a delete with $300 credit. Supply chain shortages seem to be the culprit. Or at least that’s the explanation from my sales person.

  7. Same thing happened to me today. The dealer I went to said every se r line coming in has the delete and have no date of when they will get SEL r lines in. I’m in Virginia!

  8. Idk about the punching himself, but he grabbed one of the cameras and wet-kissed it right on the lens about 10 times.

  9. Yes! And he punched himself in the head a few times. He had a small amount of blood on his head probably from the punching. It was hard to watch tbh

  10. I just got back from WWWY from tonight. Bright Eyes set was not good. Conor was spitting, stumbling, actually fell over twice and was saying mean rude things about the festival being boring and Paramore. He was still drinking throughout the show. I didn’t know to expect this behavior but it also just seemed really shitty and made me wonder why it is tolerated and he was asked to play a show knowing he’s like this. I definitely felt sad for the guy. I have some pics and vid’s I can try to upload later. Shockingly he does play well when he is hammered. But it definitely takes away from the experience and vibe of the show.

  11. I say this all the time. Second day of classes this semester I was walking to the art and design building and literally watched someone on a scooter get hit by a car and split his head open. We all (pedestrians, drivers, motorists) have to be vigilant and aware of our speed and surroundings at all time. People please stop at the stop signs and slow down when on campus. There’s just no need for recklessness

  12. “Why would the girlfriend of an underage, recovering addict who nearly died from overdosing tell her legal guardian that she relapsed and had a suitcase worth of narcotics?”

  13. Agreed. I am 24 and work with a lot of middle school and high school aged students who truly don’t understand the premise of this show and I have often heard some of them going into how “well it Can’t really be like that”or saying that Jules is bad, just constant comments they make where they are missing the mark and point of the show and Rue’s addiction. They just aren’t mature enough to fully grasp this. The key values of the show are missed and go over their heads. They aren’t ready for it

  14. And it’s okay that they are not ready for it yet. I personally think that this show is golden because of how it portrays addiction and real world problems with every character. I would go as far as saying It holds the power to reach a teen that may not get into drugs, sex, drug dealing, etc because of it, or at least get them thinking and asking important questions. Not everyone has someone they can openly talk to about their experiences at that age and I think this show could help with that. I hope what I’m saying is making sense, it’s been a day.

  15. in the future. you can call the non emergency number and ask what the Helo is doing up. They will tell you if it something to be concerned about.

  16. A lot of people complained when they introduced water water. “It’s too much”, they said. “Water water is corporate excess at its finest. Water is a classic and can’t be replaced.”

  17. 😂😂😂😂 this one made me actually laugh out loud

  18. It’s like those cartons are laughing at you, too.

  19. Yeah just an issue with the actual touch screen mechanism. Returned it and got a new one. Thought I had the same issue with the second aswell but its touch screen is kinda unreactive. Guess it's just a development issue.

  20. Thanks! I finally got ahold of their support. They’re sending me another this week hopefully.

  21. I’ve been singing that line all day 😭

  22. Same here. I remember I was going through a real rough time and I came home and turned on mtv or maybe vh1 and there was Mac singing Objects in the Mirror live. I immediately fell in love and knew that there was so much more to him than I ever thought. From that day on I went into a deep dive of all his music, listened non stop, and soaked it all in. Learning his story and his life journey through his music helped me through some pretty dark times. He was the friend I didn’t have, the voice I needed to hear. He was there for me when no one else was. rip easy Mac💙

  23. Thank you! He claims to have tried gorilla glue, but not the epoxy gorilla glue adhesive...

  24. Had the same thing happen to my 09’. You need to peel it off, and scrape as much as the dry rotted foam off the door as you can, then spray upholstery foam on the leather and door, and then hold the leather in place and smooth it flush against the door for about 30 minutes. If you can do it in a garage(not in the sun) it will work better. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  25. Thank you so much, we will definitely try this! Are there any specific brands you recommend? Did you hold it in place by hand?

  26. Maybe like 8:15/8:30. The article someone commented earlier is it. Crazy!

  27. Search for a magazine mockup, export your spreads as jpegs and then insert them into said mockup photoshop file.

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