1. i bought hell on wheels and amarelo and they both have minimal smell or taste. probably would pass next time, but they were cheap so im not too upest

  2. fuck yeah to your old school neighbor! he is a cool motherfucker 👍 koozie?

  3. they found stock of old chinese bath salt packaging hidden in a self storage shed just outside of dayton

  4. I've been adoring medicating on my back patio at night and watching the fireflies in the yard.

  5. same. chill on the patio and wait for the wild rabbits to surround me every evening. its wild, they don't mind me, and i enjoy watching them munch on weeds! 4 at a time is the most so far 🐇

  6. which one is proven to work best for future reference?

  7. durban poison is good shit! did buckeye not have this strain a while ago? i picked up the same flower from standard, and @ 17% its greater than expected!

  8. picked this up for $19 at bloom akron. jack herer x lemon kush. this tastes slight lemon and earthy, not super potent on the nose but reminds me of lemon g. cure is nice per usual with standard wellness. for 17% its a nice morning strain and smooth on the hit without a head punch. grab some if you see it, worth trying!

  9. I'll have to keep an eye out. Sounds fantastic! Love their Lemon Tree and Animal Fire OG. It's also known as Lemon Jack (Jack Herer X Lemon Kush). Thanks for posting! ✌️❤️🌳

  10. thanks for clarifying! jack herer x lemon kush

  11. Really? I never knew people actually wanted the old ones. For some reason I’ve always thought they weren’t as potent as the stuff this day and age is cranking out.

  12. older strains are sought after because all the newer cannabis has been crossbred to the point it is hard to know really what the plant is. landrace strains are hard to come by and have their own unique flavors

  13. excuse me i know exactly what's in my purple diesel sour cupcake punch

  14. ohio has a weird law where growers cannot use commercial strain names. you should see the name variations used on dispo menus...

  15. my gf and i were just discussing this

  16. its good and smells nice! im not a huge fan of galenas, but like this one. acts more like an indica imo

  17. how does this compare with their blue dominia? never had both and was curious

  18. Got any pictures or at least a harvest date?

  19. harvested 4/25 packaged 5/24 batch 8227

  20. package date is 5/24, bag is at home to list batch # right now

  21. bought a 1/10th yesterday and agree this stuff is great!

  22. dont do it! will make a mess of your dishwasher and the smell will permeate for months...just sayin

  23. same for me, but i do like it! i've tested it enough to know it affects me like an indica. i still buy and enjoy the flavor though.

  24. Anybody know what’s going on there? Drove from Medina to find this sign. The website didn’t even show it was closed and even took an online order.

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