1. bought a half of popcorn for $39. i was pleasantly surprised by the smell and taste. tastes of citrus and terpinolene. would definitely purchase again at this price! if you like black jack, straight sauce, schromulan, durban poison etc.. pick this up on the cheap! fuck the haters basing opinion on shitty phone pics

  2. found this same deal in akron, have reserved for tomorrow

  3. their arnie palmer is one of my faves

  4. i've found stem strands in buds that resemble hair, don't worry

  5. just grabbed two jars and can confirm this shit is bomb!

  6. wtf? is that the package it came in?

  7. I would buy this all day long at this price. Good flavor even though the terps are kinda low. Good effects that are slightly sedating but not a couch locker. Some purple to the nugs and nice and dense also. Definitely recommend especially if you’re on a budget. Bud tender told me that they had a new batch just harvested but the cultivator has to get rid of the old batch first, hence the reason for the discounted price.

  8. just opened my jar purchased two weeks ago, same deal and discount you got. holy shit! this is some good bud and mine were big nugs, not popcorn, nice smell, colorful and trimmed nice! best deal i've EVER had on a half oz. even before my card!

  9. just put in an order for this with the same deal botanist akron! fat billy 5.66 for $17 too, be nice if l'orange was in this deal.

  10. never had this issue with certified, just bought some arnie #1 14g smalls and they are good with smell and flavor. i quit with farkas because of this exact problem though, got burned too many times with flower that had no smell or flavor.

  11. I've been hearing good things that's why I just grabbed a 10th and it's booty hole man

  12. thanks for looking out, was gonna grab some but i think i'll pass now

  13. grape head is still my favorite bud in the program

  14. ohio wont. the program is run as good as the train derailment cleanup.

  15. i remember willies sunshine lime, and quickly realized lime sherbet was identical and much cheaper at the time. still my favorite! good prices going around on it too

  16. go all glass, grab a spoon pipe much easier to clean like new. still using mine after 8 years

  17. please stay away! so i can get the good deals...the shits not bad at all, go buy overpriced galenas if you are inclined

  18. check menus. botanist had some cheap deals this morning on gti/shine/good green. picked up 14g of their runtz for $35

  19. The boys were smoking when they dreamed up the 0.84 G in Ohio...more for me type stuff, next puff produced The Ohio Tenth, trying to act smart, or just complicated

  20. we are just run by morons. our state is made up of them that keep voting them in...

  21. i say again and again, but this strain is one of the best! i grabbed two half ounces when they were on sale for $80 each, as well as two bags of smalls about a month ago.

  22. This sounds like the most likely situation however it was only the sprinkler head in the bathroom that was buzzing and if I'm not mistaken all of my units sprinkler heads should be connected to the same piping. It only happened long enough for my girlfriend to tell me to come look at it and for us to decide it was weird enough for us to record it, only for it to stop by the time I start recording. Kinda why I thought it was fishy with someone drilling a hole possibly next to where the sprinkler head comes in but was very odd, the sound was similar to a electric toothbrush except like 5-10× stronger and sounded like it was coming from right on the other side of my sprinkler head in the ceiling. Someone else figured the building may have been running some kind of tests on ot but again only one sprinkler in my unit was making weird sounds

  23. they may have been flushing the system causing vibrations in the pipes. this is a regular maintenance thing with fire systems.

  24. awesome, we will get to hear about how donald trump should be president while waiting at the dispensary...

  25. anyone have info on the two new ones supposedly opening in akron ?

  26. A full o for $135 not on sale? Where at if u don't mind sharing

  27. because this machine makes them the most money while gouging the patients. they will pass all of these measures, but you can bet your bottom dollar adult use never gets passed!

  28. thats clean, you will never get the staining from the bottom edge out

  29. can confirm the orange mac is good too

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