1. Too bad they stole the name from a woman whose already branded her handmade clothes as wild acorn….

  2. It’s a little sus that both of these accounts have exactly 16.9k followers.

  3. Why does this woman’s hair constantly look like a badly placed wig? like what is going on there lmao

  4. Someone in the background of Haydn’s most recent story said “… she’s so pretty.”

  5. To me, it sounded like “why are you so pretty” or “aren’t you so pretty?”. I did not hear a she.

  6. Exercise and fruit are making her gain weight, y’all. You’ve cracked the code, Tif. /s

  7. Gross. I actually go out of my way to NOT use an influencer’s link lmao.

  8. Please post a pic for all of us who are ✨blocked✨ I need another reason to laugh today.

  9. “Josh didn’t feel comfortable.” Nah, get real. Sarah didn’t feel comfortable.

  10. I’ve never bought from them myself so I can’t speak to their quality, but I think Buff Bunny has a good plus size range.

  11. Life hack: for anyone that is blocked you can go to her fb page and still see her stories

  12. I’ve always wanted to comment something but I have a feeling she’s the type to block people

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