1. Regardless of whatever works for everyone else, I would put some effort into understanding how stuff works with YOUR system. I suffer from severe generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks... when I started, I followed common belief that high energy sativas were going to be the problem. After a couple of months of journaling and tracking terpenes in strains I got, I realized that Myrcene is my anxiety trigger, not terpinolene. Too much terpinolene can make me feel a little wound up, but too much Myrcene and I will trigger a full out attack.

  2. I found the same thing - Myrcene (which is popular due to it's thc enhancing effects) triggers my anxiety in some terp combos. If I throw in some Linalool or the right balance of Caryophyllene, I'm good, very relaxed. Add in too much Limonene, it can make amplify the anxiety with Myrcene.

  3. The solo 2 was one of my 1st vapes and I still appreciate the quality of vapor and the reliability of the vape + when my 1st one died, I reached out to Arizer and they sent me a new one in under a week. It takes a long time to fully extract, and the hits aren't as big as other vapes. However, when I running through a water pipe, it speeds up a lot. I recently picked up a tiny might 2 and it is a nice progression in speed of extraction from the solo and still provides great flavor and vapor. For the price, hard to beat the quality of the solo 2. All vapes have their +"s & -'s just depends on what your needs are at the time you are vaping.

  4. This one is good no matter the thc %. The flavor is enough to keep me coming back. Terp combo is pretty unique. Good to see we are getting more well priced ozs. Enjoy!

  5. Really enjoyed their pinewalker and lifter, which had a very bubblegum flavor for me. Seems very clean, cared for, and great value.

  6. Mixing cbd and thc helps me sleep better. With high thc, sometimes it's hard to fall and stay asleep. Edibles are great, along with vaping flower.

  7. Managed to grab an eighth each of blueberries #1 and #2, purple punch and twisted berries; and a gram of side piece to try. Should be here by Friday or Saturday.

  8. Sidepiece is nice! About to vape a bit here in a sec. Very balanced and relaxing for me.

  9. Awesome! Can't wait to check it out. That was the 50/50 hybrid right? I love indicas, wife prefers sativa, so maybe this will be perfect.

  10. More indica or relaxing leaning for sure, but everyone reacts differently to strains.

  11. I have been mixing CBD flower with THC flower for about 2 months now. I also have been consuming Type 2 flower , which are strains that produce mixes of THC and CBD in similar ratios.

  12. Very well said! I have also found the beauty of expanding my cannabinoid spectrum by mixing high thc and high cbd flower, along with cbdv and cbg. The medicinal effects are generally deeper and the undesirable side effects are more shallow than the rich flower or concentrates alone.

  13. O-H! Ha yea totally man! It's really been a game changer for me. I was away from cannabis for 15 years and came back to it over the last year for med and some rec. Totally awesome results. No more alcohol (not a heavy drinker, but I used to like my craft beers nightly ;)) anxiety stress reduced. Fantastic...but MAN this new stuff is insane! Hah the stuff my friends and I grew and bought 15 years ago was OK, but now, it's ONE hit and you're done!

  14. Blackjack is my overall fav for the focus and clarity (along with Cuban Linx). Sour blue is my #1 for recreational outdoor activities. I love the O43 too, it's my choice for a manual labor sativa. Very uplifting and motivating.

  15. I had the punk panther, bubba, and orange glaze from Canna Haus. Guess I should have written a review! I liked the Bubba quite a bit - earthy, peppery, thyme, and was very relaxing and calming mentally with some good pain relief. Pink panther was good too - motivating, yet brought a euphoric peacefulness mentally with some decent muscle relaxing qualities. Orange was decent, middle ground energy wise, and took the edge off. All in all - good quality flower, vaped real clean and smooth - and would grab some in the future once I make the rounds with other growers. Agree on hoku as well, very clean, def can tell it was grown for medicinal quality over bag appeal. Very effective indicas for me.

  16. I have a hard time finding one that works for me consistently. A lot of people mention sidepiece #2, which I love, but it doesn't knock me out. I can use it during the daytime. Ruby Kush and Frosted Grapes from Hoku sometimes work for me. Blueberry from HCF works with some high T flower or dabs. The combo of hemp and high T flower works best for me. Lmk if you find something that works!

  17. Right on thanks, I just got a half ounce and there was only 2 left. Pretty good deal I must say, I've been wanting to try them but wasn't sure what to get, but after seeing those pics I'm sold. Love me a good kush

  18. Ruby kush was real nice too. I like it a little better than the kush. Frosted Grapes is pretty amazing, my favorite of the 6 strains I got. Super relaxing, a but sedative, great fermented grape flavor.

  19. I was harrased just last night! Passing a parked truck that started pulling out as I passed, so I yelled "hey" so they would stop, which they did. I waved and rode on. They were stopped at the next stop light in front of me. They got out, came up and started lecturing me about wearing dark clothing and no reflectors (all my clothes and bags had relfectors). I raised my handlebars up a bit to better show them my 850 lumen flashing headlight and said "if you can't see this, you shouldn't be driving". He replied with "I hope you get ran the fuck over ". A fellow cyclist happened to ride by at that moment and said "be nice" to the driver! They went back to their truck and I went along my way, but for some reason it was just deflating to me. I hurt dude's driving ego, so he lashed out. Could have been worse, but still some dumb stuff.

  20. I got a sampler pack recently and Frosted Grapes is my favorite with a great almost fermented grape nose and great depth in flavor, relaxing body and mind; followed by Ruby Kush which is very muscle and mind relaxing. Then Satori CBG which has a great depth to the head feel. The Kush was good, but not as good as the Ruby. Also got Llama Bean which is OK, lacks smell and flavor. I was looking for more sedative/relaxing strains when I ordered. Also got some kief which was pretty good, nothing crazy, but works well.

  21. Looks great! Harvest has a nice GG4. Nothing crazy, but quality for the price and has that GG metalic funk.

  22. My go to is black jack. Cuban linx works well too for super clarity. I too like EPBC. Another one I find similar is Animal Face.

  23. I had a similar thing happen to me. I slowed down at the intersection by the school to go right and get off the road and walk my bike onto the sidewalk and this lady kept creeping out and started to turn as I was crossing in front of her. I gave a "hey" and a stare and she went off as she drove by the school, cussing a storm. I stayed calm and talked to my son about anger and used it as a lesson in behavior and reactions. There are a lot of assholes out there, put them in cars and they become bigger, more self righteous assholes. What are ya gonna do!? Sorry you had to deal with that, kids don't need to see that behavior, they learn Quick.

  24. My schwalbes have been awesome for me! I commute in an urban environment through one of the largest and heaviest drinking universities in the country and glass is an everyday. Been riding mine for several years now daily. Only need replaced when they just get too worn out so far (normal wewr and tear). Don't think I've had a flat from glass with them. Been riding year round for 17 years and since I switched to them, I go through tires or tubes very infrequently.

  25. Very good points. I’m a long term smoker and I turned to vaping because I (maybe mistakenly) thought it would be easier on my lungs. Might be time to invest in a flower vape device

  26. I highly recommend vaping flower, it's a game changer from smoking and way easier on the lungs/throat/etc than any cart I have had. Plus AVB is a nice byproduct that can be used for edibles. As far as carts go, live resin or full spec oil from grow ohio are what I use when I use them. I've used some resin carts in an uni pro and it works well. Still doesn't compare to flower imo.

  27. Yup, thank God I can see the less-than-ideal traits I've picked up and have learned to deal with them in healthy ways cause my parent has alienated himself from damn near everyone, including me. It's such a sad, lonely and paranoid existence, and it doesn't seem as if it'll get any better for him. Love him, but from afar.

  28. I really enjoyed the Jack Herrer from Apothecare in Ann Arbor. Nice ocimene heavy pheno and well cared for. They have a few other sativas that might work for you as well.

  29. Great advice! I will say that merino is better imo in 2 ways:

  30. Couple things here - what's up with the cow/sheep path to the right, bike lane, but no sidewalks!? Needs vertical deflection & more. It's too wide for just paint. That's what auto oriented folks do, see a space wider than 5 or 6' & they can't help but shoving an auto oreinted device in that gap!

  31. I had a recent exp with some cbdv that got me pretty tweaked, but usually just brings clarity. I could see some strains like lifter and hazes causing some anxiety, but it's gonna be user chem makeup that will determine the effects in the end. However, I use cdb to counter the anxiety and other intense effects that come with high T flower and it works very well for me. I know use cbd or cbdv or cbg flower as my daytime strains and it works great, then mix with highT flower later in the day. Sounds like your love of growing and inability to handle high T is a great match for cbd flower!

  32. I can't say objectively, but subjectivity since I have been using more cbd flower, pretty much throughout the day, I have a more consistent and stronger effect and the doses last longer whether in combo with thc rich flower or solo cbd, cbv, cbg rich flower. IMO that seems legit, but if anyone has some links to research, I would love to see it!

  33. Driver behavior trumps all makes and models for me. Anybody paying more attention to thier cell phone than their car fo sho. But if I had to choose - big trucks because they are big, but the drivers are usually better than most. I've had a lot of prius drivers that seen do some dumb shit for some reason.

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