1. Wait—doesn’t regular coke have caffeine in it?

  2. Meeeeeee during my whole fucking training period for Starbucks….like I didn’t learn/absorb any information because I was being watched.

  3. The broad city soundtrack. More specifically: Tigre-Jarina De Marco 1977-Ana Tijoux Latino & Proud-DJ Raff

  4. RIGHR?!?!?! I shoved one down the hatch last night but right before I did I was like……..these have never been that good

  5. I only went up to 100mg, but a couple weeks at that dose I started to cycle quickly through my emotions. A lot of emotional outbursts. I also became very irritable and angry at times, which isn’t typical of me

  6. Same here…how are things going for you and the lamictal?

  7. Yeeeaah initially when I found spiritual tik tok, I was in a more “balanced” place n during that time I’d been going through an awakening of sorts (like, in real life and not delusional). But it’s gotten so bad. I went from casually watching tin toks aboht astrology n crystals n things that at that time, I genuinely interested in learning more about but that was because I had a better grip on reality. I feel like I’ve spiraled and I’ve lost a lot of meaning because I’ve spent SO much time on Tik tok. It’s also horrible for my ocd lol.

  8. Yeeeeaaaah…I for sure have an eating disorder:P

  9. I honestly didn't know you could be narcissistic if you don't have narcissistic parents. I always assumed that if you have npd you have one or both parents with npd. I'm shocked to read that

  10. So is lack of empathy more related to ASPD ?

  11. I feel like it’s a combination of both. Like my grandma has NPD and my mom has undiagnosed npd and bpd and I’m like, 99% sure I have strong narc tendencies but what bothers me about this (not actually) is that my sisters (who’re my half sisters) are empathetic and basically normal and functioning. I think the fathers traumatic childhood for sure contributed to his disorder.

  12. I covered “The Spiritual Whistle blower” on my channel. I believe she’s an undercover cluster b disguised as an empath. Her niche is calling everyone narcissists.

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