1. I like it that none of you are actual persons, you're just voices in the collective mind-space!

  2. Dumb fucking voice, you can fuck right off. All you are saying might totally be lies, you're totally disembodied.

  3. Who, me? Like this little guy here? He isn't ready for that much power. Also, when he becomes God, because he's now God and not himself. What he does is what God is doing anyway, which is to say - exactly fuck all! Hahaha. Penis

  4. Hatred for the competition. Ever heard a single RAP song? "They all tried to keep me down, but look at ya boi now!" I'll make it too, and all y'all haters will STFU.

  5. There's a reason they're at the bottom, no skills no connections. They DEPEND on goods and services, that they get from the top 10% for money.

  6. Death something, death ray, death bots, whatever. Just gotta have some death in it

  7. Only on purpose, never "so angry that", that's just bullshit, as you begin doing it there's this cognitive process of planning the action, just this alone pulls you out of your angry trance

  8. It didn't, I didn't stop because I love Jesus or want to keep my cum for my future wife or anything like that, I was just sick. And it's really a very meh activity, I've learned much nice-feeling body-things

  9. I bought a package but I've like got no space on my table, you know 1000 tabs open? Easier to just code on the computer. It'd be interesting to make something with some physical effectors, but I don't think the small package I got has anything cool. A few servos, LEDs yeah useless, a humidity sensor I think but it's just easy to overwater a plant, maybe it wants to be dry. I've already killed one, every time I would water it would get in more and more trouble right after that. I think it couldn't breathe through moist soil but I had no idea back then. Back then I just thought "plant need water, must water plant" LMFAO. The more you learn the more you can regret your mistakes

  10. no i couldn’t give less fucks if u don’t believe or not, each to their own. im just so curious as to why you don’t believe it, would you mind explaining? it’s okay if you don’t wanna

  11. I'm in the political opposition and I just oppose every mainstream thing that I can. On disease I was informed by some man from youtube. I trust him more than the whole of scientific community, we've got this sayings: shit must be great because millions of fly love it. Here the same. One Human Being's opinion trumps all of the flies

  12. you don’t believe in cancer??!!

  13. Yeah you have a problem with that, believer? Wanna make a crowd and trample the heretic? Endangering people with bad word & thoughts

  14. From the genes bro, the genetic codes all of that shit. Random mutations and the good ones stuck. Cause they good

  15. If it exists only in our minds, so no it doesn’t really exist

  16. Yeah it exists, we're talking about it so yeah of course. Even if it's phantasmal or what it still exists, are you going to say it materially doesn't exist and is just fantasy? Evil may be exactly in trying to deny existence to things, it's basically marder. (I'm basing this on some youtube philosophy, i.e. not by a youtuber by more serious people but nothing too serious)

  17. Good question, as a computer man my thought is it must be "loading" things from memory into a sort of "program". Chapter 38 of Good Book, those monkey experiments, monkey "solves the problem" and the electrodes drilled into its skull record how some neurons fire. According to how they fire (some will fire: when the monkey is working according to "rule 1" not rule 2, signalled by a tone at beginning of trial), we can make guesses on what they encode. It's like this neuron encodes whether rule 1 or rule 2 will be used, this again makes me think that the rule is "loaded into the RAM"

  18. With HM no one knows how it works anyway, so what do you gain by knowing it's not the whole hyppocampus? If you're going to operate on people then yeah it's crucial to tell you DON'T remove the whole hyppocampus pls, if you can, just the useless parts if you can. Surgeons and especially neurosurgeons are a-ma-zing. Way above us here sitting in our reddit apps with our "smart" phones

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