AITA for showing up to my husband's Dr appointment?

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  1. also Eeny, meeny, miny, moe was originally a slave catching song where "tiger" used to be....

  2. step 1: shut down all indoor ATMs that are protected by needing to use your card to open the front door

  3. what happens when they trade the float this many times so quickly? Are they covering naked shorts and then immediately deleting traces to them and repeating til done?

  4. indoctrination is telling a 4 year old there's a man in the sky that sees everything you do and if you don't do exactly what I say without question he will smite you.

  5. Log Cabin republicans have entered the chat.

  6. Black people for Trump is such a confusing puzzle to me. I don't get it.

  7. Trump paid them with NFTs to get them to shuck and jive like that

  8. If he's so awful why did Margarine Tater Bean use his song in the first place?

  9. McCarthy threatened to take away her pass to the republican cocaine orgies if she doesn't turn down the Qanon rhetoric.

  10. Eyyyy vote for Joey Salads. Badabing badaboom. I'm workin ova hea

  11. when your neck, your back, your nussy and your crack are all in the same place

  12. There was an issue of Time Out NY that came with stickers that say "employees must wash genitals" and I may or may not have put it over the real "employees must wash hands" sign in a bar

  13. Boomers banged me up the ass with no lube before I was old enough to vote. Talk about cheaters.

  14. Donald Trump won't die of old age he'll die of too many BigMacs and diet cokes

  15. Sounds like you made it all about yourself and had no real interest in being there for him other than to make sure he's not cheating with his doctor. Get mental help.

  16. They don't hold any coherent positions. Daddy Trump said he likes Putin so they have to work backward from there.

  17. LOL. I don't like Russia at all. I voted for Trump twice.

  18. well the Qanon caucus just negotiated McCarthy's speakership in part on defunding Ukraine in the name of Daddy Trump. They're playing to the base they are elected to represent. Your existence doesn't change that.

  19. I'm atheist because I had 9 years of catholic school and the brainwashing didn't take. Also, flat earth, talking snakes, burning bushes, virgin births, 2 of every animal on a boat are all batshiat crazy and nonsensical.

  20. And he murdered someone who was no longer a threat. Both statements can be true

  21. he was a threat as long as he was alive and as long as he was alive it's self defense. the fact that he died after is moot. and if he shot him after he was dead it's also moot. it doesn't change anything that this criminal gave up his rights when he brandished a weapon at innocent people.

  22. don't kink shame. if this is what it takes for McCarthy to orgasm...

  23. She needs to take Feinstein’s senate seat

  24. Feinstein's been dead 15 years they're just propping up her body like Weekend at Bernie's.

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