1. Great action scenes, quite a few extraneous scenes that could have been cut. I blame ‘universe building’.

  2. Why wouldn’t you tax and regulate it, like in Canada and many states in the US? Just weird.

  3. Hey, are you in the US or Canada? I work for Invisalign, and my team and I are specifically focused on support and training for new providers. We have a very robust program that we've recently built to help doctors in your exact situation. PM me if you'd like, I'd be happy to go over more details with you.

  4. Are you in the US or Canada? There are a few good foundational courses I've taken that will set you up to do basic cases with invisalign:

  5. Metro Collision for paint and body work, Piskeys for detailing/paint correction and coating.

  6. I did high school in Europe - imo a 5 year DMD from high school would be fine. The whole post bachelor is just saddling kids with unnecessary debt.

  7. But that’s what I’m saying, the high schools in Europe are set up in a way that prepares you a little better. The high school education in America is a joke. Cannot compare the two.

  8. Maybe. But I don’t think it’s a 3-4year difference. A 5 year DMD from high school with a foundation year would work imo.

  9. Endo ice, electric pulp test, and clinical history. I don’t trust myself not to drop the hot gutta percha on someones lip.

  10. Rubber dam wherever possible, the more you do it, the easier it gets. If you’ve got LED for your loupes great, if you’ve got a scope it’s really a life changer, not even for the mag, just the light.

  11. Exciting but could the covers be any more bland?

  12. I have never ever seen a dentist go bankrupt

  13. I don’t need to get into a debate with you and I don’t have any skin in the game any more. I did 10 years and that was me done.

  14. Firstly you are the one that came to a public forum and claimed to know the facts …

  15. Respectfully we’re not going to agree. I gave my perspective, you have yours. All I can say is if there was a well-funded service there wouldn’t be a shortage of dentists willing to work on it.

  16. Yeah the subscription is great. I only wish they still showed OLDER seasons. Before the they switched to the "new" RTV app, they went back as far as the 80's and had extended highlights for a lot of games befre then. I always meant to sit and rewatch some of those old matches/seasons, but didn't make the time. Now they don't offer and Customer Service says they probably never will again.

  17. I’ve been playing with it today - better than I expected and will give me something to do during the break!

  18. Aye, full matches and extended highlights go on at midnight after the game

  19. Much appreciated. Ended up doing the full package anyway! App streamed to my Apple TV a lot better than I expected.

  20. I had a brief look as he popped up somewhere and I was utterly horrified by what I read in one article.Viciously unpleasant. Read no more. Is he putting it in his bio? I don’t imagine the woman I know is the only one who has. Been subjected to his offensive private messaging. Bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die, but Stuart has not twigged that yet.

  21. When you say ‘in his bio’, are you referring to the arrest? Don’t think so…I googled it after it was mentioned somewhere. A lady in S London complained, according to the articles.

  22. Sorry I was being facetious, I meant has he added “instrumental in the downfall of nicola sturgeon” to his bio; ref your first post.

  23. Ah right, no worries. I’m pretty sure he’s quoting Orwell on his Twitter bio. Hope your friend has gotten over his abuse. I often wonder if social media has been more con than pro.

  24. If activities not doing it for you, an audiobook might help.

  25. 413 days. This holiday thing is all very well but I’ll be glad to get back into a work routine. I’m definitely better suited to activity than leisure.

  26. I’ve being doing dentistry for >20 years and my annual medical shows no hearing issues. Only anecdotal I know, but I worry more about my back and core than my ears. No earplugs for me.

  27. Married men live longer, allegedly. A sense of purpose, if you have kids? I’d be drunk/smoking and eating shit if I was single.

  28. 409 days. Sat AM Sitting at the pool drinking a coffee. Guy at bar staggered up to bar and ordered rums while I was getting my coffee and he looked awful - would have been me last year.

  29. If you’re cheap (like me) local libraries have free audiobook loans too.

  30. Free wifi 408 days dry. The cuba libres haven’t got me yet!

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