1. Oh, sure. He's not shrieking like a maniac. His main thing is when he does quotes, which is does a lot. So he's talking, leading up to the quote, and just says, louder than he'd been before, QUOTE! Then he basically yells the quote super intensely. It's a bit of a joke among the fanbase. But he's the guy you favorite history podcaster considers one of their biggest inspirations, since he really did pioneer the genre.

  2. Wow that podcast is from 2012! The episodes seem the opposite, 20-30min Vs 3hrs. But, I do prefer a chill tone Vs too much underdrive/overdrive. So will definitely check it out as it seems more my style. Thanks again.

  3. They're about as opposite of the spectrum as you can get. Carlin is bombastic and dramatic, Duncan is understated and dryly witty. They're both great, they just do very different things.

  4. The more you describe them, the more I know Duncan is my style.

  5. This is malicious compliance, but your step dad sounds abusive which makes this a little more somber of a tale

  6. Yeah and the mom is no prize either. Merely “taking his side” in an argument instead of not allowing abusive behavior.

  7. In fact, it requires that there not be a comma. I get illiteracy in an internet post, but the marketing department should consider canning their copyeditor--if they even have one.

  8. Ridiculing your kids in public. Like, at least wait until you get in the car or at home.

  9. Remember this: how a parent treats their child in public, is 10x worse in private.

  10. As a fat kid, it was my own habits outside of my parents supervision that led to my weight. This included getting more food at lunchtime from other kids, and also buying food from loose change on the walk home from school. I am no longer this way of course, but to put myself here and see how people immediately push the blame to the most caring and loving people I know, when I was a fault. Shame on all of you.

  11. You need to chill. In most, and that means MOST, from studies, childhood obesity IS due to family lifestyle issues. And yes, that means Parents.

  12. Cold drink 20oz bottle (or 80oz pitcher total)

  13. Man, how would you know this? Are you a professional in the field. I'm not, but how do you know?

  14. Many ex-addicts in this sub have pointed out that she’s a ‘dry’ addict; the same selfish sneaky aggressive traits of the addict, just not using — but still needing lots of therapy, otherwise she WILL relapse.

  15. But she's in a make believe game for $1 million, not real life. She's not taking drugs, she's just playing a game; while under a lot of stress, deprivations, etc.

  16. As well, no one knows if she’s not taking drugs. No one but her and her dealer.

  17. At this point, Chanel No. 5 just smells like “old rich lady sitting alone in her upper west side apartment”.

  18. Exactly. My coworker got it as a present and she gifted it to out workplace toilet as air freshener lol.

  19. Irish goodbye is pretty much the exact opposite of a midwestern goodbye

  20. I and people I know always called it a French exit. Aren’t the Irish stereotypically too drunk and loud to make a quiet exit?

  21. Gotta ask. PURELY physical, did anyone think that Jill was kind of attractive? Just me? Okay.

  22. In that trashy, ridden hard/hung up wet kind of way you mean?

  23. Best choice at the truck stop in the Midwest, step up from the lot lizards… get her out on her way before you eat at the attached dennys in the morning.

  24. I was so disgusted by the “rules” and the sociopathic “baby girls”, I will not watch another season. It was mean to a point of zero entertainment.

  25. hmm maybe i'm thinking of the covid season then

  26. Alone has done quite a few “reunions”, but you are right — not being together makes for a boring reunion, it’s only interesting to see them in their non-emaciated/dressed up/made for TV state.

  27. OMFG. With Jason Bateman as an exec producer and all, this is beyond perfection.

  28. It was more screaming and pure madness that confused everyone. The entire crew was absolutely bewildered by how ridiculous the entire situation was. 🤦🏽‍♂️ I spoke directly to the cameras several times begging viewers not to act like this. Out of desperation... I did an entire speech about the state of our country and how people like Jill and Amber are what's wrong with society. If you could watch the unedited footage... You would truly be deeply disturbed. 😟

  29. Well if it’s any consolation, What we did see of your confessionals showed you to be a man of integrity and intelligence.

  30. She may not be putting the junk in her arm anymore. But she’s got the same mentality- selfish, thieving, back stabbing, loser thinking. She needs way more therapy to become a recovered addict. She’s simply a dry addict, for now. W/o serious therapy she will relapse.

  31. All that hate on her IG won’t be helping her. Why on earth a ‘dry’ addict like you note would do a competitive reality show is beyond me. Well, money, but it doesn’t seem to jive with fully healing oneself.

  32. All the cringy dialogue between amber and Jill was unbearable

  33. All that “Baby giiirrrrl” crap gagged me. It’s a combination of condescension and insecurity with a twist of the US South.

  34. I don't think yogis take too kindly to Amber's actions. I doubt she will continue to be a yoga instructor. Given her record too, I'm guessing homeless and back on heroin before too long. As much as I think she is scum, I wish her the best. She has a tough road ahead but it's of her own making.

  35. I wondered the same thing. While I don’t do yoga, I do know there is a ‘code’ of sorts, and Amber failed them all. She seemed like an embarrassment to yoga IMO.

  36. This is an end-of-life hack in many parts of the US

  37. This. Just stare straight ahead and if need be Waze to the nearest police station (unless like me the road rager was a retired cop LOL)

  38. How funny, we always say “Just Waze it” or “I’ll Waze there”.

  39. Oh honey, you are 25 years too late with that comment.

  40. Excuse me, the high-end gays got her in the end...

  41. It’s funny - the pro-remote folks rant and rave on here and get upvotes like crazy no matter how insane they sound. Someone takes the contrary view and they get smashed with the downvote hammer.

  42. WFH people on Reddit are like a crazy superhero fan base. God forbid you critique it.

  43. You honestly just sound salty as hell that you aren't remote. Enjoy your absurd ass cost of living.

  44. Lots of us hate remote. So thank god it’s not being forced down my throat.

  45. Sounds delicious, but too much protein is not good for you on a regular basis. Keto is high fat + moderate protein + low carb

  46. I didn’t read where OP said it was meant as a keto meal, nor how much protein they eat daily. This is OMAD.

  47. Big fan of Christoph. Just watched a series on prime called The Consultant. The man is untouchable, talent wise.

  48. That show was so so damn good. Weird and good. In his different roles over the years, Waltz plays every weird creepy character differently and brilliantly, and this is no different.

  49. Just finished a season of Alone and my favorite part is when they catch fish and eat it different ways (smoked, grilled, soup). Your method is no doubt the tastiest!!

  50. I am not really a survivalist, just your garden variety hunter/fisherman, but the feats the people in that show pull off are quite impressive. Though the influence of the show is noticeable in broader population from my observation. We live in a rural area popular with outdoor enthusiasts and the level of interest in bushcraft, wilderness survival, hunting, fishing etc. has skyrocketed the last few years.

  51. Well you do more than me! I watch it out of fascination but yes, I did think it would be fun to take a basic survival class so I’d know more than my Girl Scout skills. :-)

  52. He actually spoke about this with the NYT Daily podcast in an interview prior to his leaving as film critic recently.

  53. Manila has some of the worst traffic ever so I can see this being a smart thing. Or a cause of it…

  54. LOL fanboy, you need to read the online comments coming out from his classmates at Yale and people he’s worked with. They aren’t holding back. Man’s a psychopath. People are thrilled this is finally exposing him for what he is. (a rage-filled asshole if you need to know).

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