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  1. Stupid question about this scam. How do they get your phone number? This happened to my wife. Her Email is hidden and her phone number isn't on her profile so how do they get it?

  2. Sent me their number in a reply to my ad offering to pickup and wanted to work out details via text so I text them first 🤦‍♂️

  3. Ahh. I get that then, but this was so weird. It was one of the "giving away money" bullshits that they hit my wife with. My wife never gave them her number so we're still trying to figure that out.

  4. I think some of them they just text random numbers or pick a prefix and pick random numbers from there. I’ve gotten a lot over the years from the same prefix as my own number and for a while had people, victims, calling me saying they got scammed from my number so I think they can somehow spoof their own number and use someone else’s. Idk I’m no expert but that’s been my experience. I also got the gift card scam once where they wanted me to pay pre bail to stay out of jail for a crime I was wrongfully charged with, failure to appear. The guy called me claiming to be a sheriff, sounded super legit and wanted me to get a gift card from Kroger and tell him the number to pay my prebail and avoid having to be in jail while it all got sorted out. I was young and damn near fell for it until someone I happened to be with caught it and saved me. I totally would’ve given the money the way the guy was talking it seemed so legit, even the gift card part he made seem legit until it was pointed out to me. In the end I never gave him money and had him on the phone over two hours so in a sense I was kinda scammed but in another I baited the shit out of that dude cause I mean he REALLLLLYY thought he had me and by all rights he did.

  5. Looks more like what could go wrong entering the intersection on a yellow light when you should have stopped.

  6. You must have lightning reflexes! The light turned yellow a half a second before I entered the intersection at 40mph. Attempting to stop normally under that circumstance would be irresponsible and likely result in being rear ended. What do you drive that can stop from 40 in under a second?

  7. The recording was cut with the impact?

  8. If you look closely, you can tell when the light turns yellow. There is no combination of driver and car that could stop before the stop line after the light turned yellow. In fact, it would have been wildly irresponsible to try to do so.

  9. Yea I think it you look closely you can see that my car dips forward and begins to bounce as the wheels lock 1 second after she pulls out in front of me and about 1 second before we actually hit. The whole thing took two seconds and I wasn’t anticipating her trying to go just because she was inching out, people inch out all the time. I think she was watching the light saw it change yellow and didn’t realize traffic was still in the intersection. There’s less than a second between when the light changed yellow and when my front bumper crosses the white line into the intersection so there’s no way I would’ve stopped at that light normally. Lol at the people saying I blew the yellow, also even if I had blown a late yellow turning traffic still has a responsibility to not enter a contested intersection. Fortunately no one got too hurt though. Both cars totaled

  10. This is a copy and paste and I encourage you all to do it too where appropriate!

  11. It looks as if it’s hit the mortar around the brick, but I got more questions than answers.

  12. 100% this. I’ve worked with masonry for more than a decade now and can tell you from numerous experiences that damage to masonry affects most of the surrounding work. The likelihood of this being hit by a car and landing perfectly in a vertical and horizontal joint is just 0. It’s far more likely this is part of an earlier installation that was either damaged by an accident or perhaps just taken down. This is fairly consistent with how I would go about building something into the masonry.

  13. Are the flares deterministic? I had always assumed they were random, but that was stunningly lucky if so (and absolutely amazing if not)

  14. Do the flares/arches/whateveryoucallthem do damage if you touch them?

  15. I genuinely don’t know. My guess is probably not and the “hitbox” for the sun is a simple circle.

  16. I just got it too on Xbox. 7.36GB

  17. I got an 8 gigabyte update, don’t know what that was about.

  18. Same came here looking for notes

  19. This was my favorite detail in the whole episode, just felt like a cherry on top of everything else going on in 5. Can’t wait for the next!!

  20. Yo, certified chimney sweep here. As others have already pointed out the large gap at the front of your fireplace could be legitimately hazardous. Also it appears your fireplace is an older style metal insert that is still semi common but has largely been phased out, at least in the us anyway. These were made by a company called heatform in the 70’s-80’s. I could be wrong about the model but metal walled fireplace inserts are generally not used anymore and considered unsafe. I’d strongly encourage a sweep and inspection just to give yourself some peace of mind around using it. A good chimney sweep can be sort of hard to find though so it may take a bit of looking, best of luck to you and safe burning. Congrats on the new place btw.

  21. Yes but still very skiled. I had multiple awesome executions that diddnt come to fruition and I end up dying. Respect!

  22. Thanks! Mostly just luck though, I certainly don’t play like this every day.

  23. Saw someone else on here do it first a week or so ago so I knew just what to do when the time came.

  24. This is 100% of the time the best move. Worst case you break their shield and your team still wins if someone is smart enough to stay back.

  25. Brick mason here. This definitely is moisture however as others have said could be caused by a variety of factors. I’d scrape away paint from affected areas and observe the bare block. As

  26. Someone has put a Guage overlay on that.. That's not the oem. Infiniti tech here

  27. This should be the top comment

  28. Glass production even at scale will have the types of inconsistencies that make this mechanism a little tricky. The brass tabs are forcing the glass up and out of the housing because the collar on the glass can’t seat fully in place. About the only thing you can do is try to bend the tabs outward sightly to allow the glass to rest fully in the base. Hope this helps.

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