1. I think dark velvet curtains are a great addition to a theater for taming light and sound reflections.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I tend to over analyze purchases, even after purchasing. 😆

  3. I love the RSL MKII! Also customer service is great. I was getting an intermittent pop. They helped me determine it was the wireless transmitter and then they just sent me a new one at no charge and didn’t make send the old one back. The pop is gone. I look forward to adding a second one to my system some day!

  4. That whole wall needs to go. Haven’t you been paying attention?! It’s curved or nothing!

  5. What is that flat speaker wire? How does it terminate? What gauge is it?

  6. I have an Epson 5050, and i also have 20/10 vision. I had the 5030 forever, and when using a Blu-ray Disc on full 1080P, I always thought the picture couldn’t be improved and it was crisp as ever. I also believed the pixel shift was a gimmick and that I’d be able to tell. Once the 5030 completely failed, I was forced to get a new PJ, so I went with its successor with full doubt to its worth. I have to tell you, on 120 inches and a distance of only 12-15 feet, the clarity is significantly better than expected. I no longer believe the pixel shift to be a gimmick, and I can clearly see a difference between the detailed clarity of the 5030 and the 5050 “4K”. The contrast ratio helps too, but in my opinion, it’s worth it, it’s incredibly sharp, and I’m glad I sprung for it with an open mind, albeit skepticism.

  7. I also love and highly recommend the 5050ub! Lens shift and lens memory are super useful when changing aspect ratios and also for less than perfect placement. The blacks are superb when combined with black masking.

  8. There’s nothing to worry about until it gets up around 104 or 105

  9. Umberto D. when the homeless old man is holding his dog, standing on train tracks in the thick fog waiting/hoping to die.

  10. I don’t know how to accomplish that, but I’m super excited to see how it turns out. I love everything about this!

  11. I worked in Hollywood from 22 - 26, lost the passion and joined the Peace Corps. Best decision ever. I highly recommend doing something that helps others and allows you to explore the world. It’s a big place

  12. Can we get a Amazonian planet ruled by female super computer?

  13. That depends on if Dirac DBLC license will be available. If so then Dirac should be able to sync all the subs properly.

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