1. What this means is everyone needs to be getting out and voting. Full stop.

  2. Sad to say it but the last of those three is the biggest issue.

  3. Hmmm, wonder how they plan on doing that?

  4. They are touting keeping up with the overall costs of living so as to not negatively impact seniors as badly...

  5. Social Security is already tied to CPI, the increase is substantial this coming year because of how hot inflation is right now.

  6. They mention in the article they were extremely active on Reddit as well. More than just a little concerning.

  7. I feel like this is something that should go without saying but here we are. Politics on the right in 2022.

  8. Of course he says nothing, he's all for radicalization.

  9. Color me completely fucking shocked.

  10. I honestly have 0 clue how anyone takes Matt Walsh seriously.

  11. You really can't. I am convinced he's a living, breathing manifestation of all things terrible.

  12. Straight from the article: Amazon spends millions on union-avoidance consultants and employs high-powered labor attorneys to fight union victories. The company has been adept at combating organizing activity in its warehouses, quashing union votes in New York and Alabama and aggressively appealing labor's sole successful union election at Amazon's JFK8 warehouse on Staten Island.

  13. Wonder if they come back and become "consultants" to US policy makers/defense companies.

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