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  1. In one of his podcasts he talked about how he thinks one of the things that helped him cope with the death of his soldiers was that he had to write and give eulogies for them. Maybe writing could be something to help you as well

  2. Donate to Tyler Swanson on Actblue! Let’s send him $$$; make sure he has all he needs to win.

  3. A lot of shit went down at the juggling gypsy. Or maybe I chose the wrong nights to go

  4. Doubtful. It was always a bit sketchy, but had an interesting vibe to it.

  5. Just a reminder that BLM riots were responsible for well over 100 times the amount of injuries and property damage that Jan 6th was. Never believe a single word of the propaganda the far-left mainstream media spews.

  6. Do us a favor and identify HER? First name, only, no PID. Want to make sure we know who to avoid.

  7. Remember the first Jurassic Park movie? What the ancient mosquitos were trapped in?

  8. I was hunted down by collections because I owed $4 on my military STAR card thing I had forgotten about like 3 years prior lol

  9. Dude I owed like 7k on my star card and never heard a peep when I got out. I just kept makin payments and obviously couldn't use it.

  10. Jocko doesn't touch controversial topics; If he ever did, he definitely treads lightly, which is why nobody dislikes him as much as they do Jordan.

  11. Moved from Nashville TN. So we had some storms and tornadoes occasionally. Just wasn’t sure what to expect from a hurricane.

  12. Yeah, I don't think you have a ton to be worried about this time. I was asking to know what to compare it to based on where you come from. There's the normal storm prep (water, food, generator, etc), and then the hurricane prep of picking up anything that could become a projectile, etc.

  13. NTA. Reading the post title, I was like "WTF?!" but that bit of detail you added makes me agree with you wholeheartedly.

  14. So it did exactly what anyone expects a hurricane to do, and the aftermath looks exactly like we'd expect.

  15. Do me a favor. Put on a pair of boots. Grab the leather strap at the back, and lift yourself up.

  16. I guess my sarcasm didn't carry well. I know the bootstrap idiom illustrates an unfeasible solution.

  17. I just read that he voted against it because the bill was going to award 30% of the relief immediately, and pay out the rest over the next 10 years. If that's true, it's not a bad angle. The relief was needed immediately.

  18. Are kids actually this fucking stupid? Jesus Christ.

  19. Farmers, farriers, stable boys. These are no soldiers.

  20. That window's cursed. There's always something falling from it. Jizz, kings... What's next?

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