1. yeah i’m jealous of their normalcy. i wish i could eat normal and not constantly have that ed voice in the back of my head. i envy family and friends who don’t know what it feels lkke

  2. ugh i’m also in a relapse right now. day by day. keep fighting. we did it once we can do it again

  3. Hi friend, take a breath for a minute. You can figure this out, even if you are feeling stuck and out of control right now.

  4. i don’t even know where to look for higher level of care honestly

  5. just knowing how exhausted i feel after a whole day of purging. it takes so much out of my body

  6. parents really don’t understand it’s a fucking mental illness. it’s like sometimes you know they mean no harm but they always end up saying the wrong things. opened up to my parents about binge eating and my dad told me to just let myself binge and do extra cardio…like my own father accidentally told me to purge

  7. ugh you got it❤️ my mom also likes to turn my ed into making her the victim somehow

  8. you ever accidentally eat a whole jar of peanut butter urself

  9. What do you mean by pms symptoms? If it’s cramping and bloating then you might be ovulating with a slight discharge. I recovered from amenorrhea (lasted ~14-15 months) recently and the first time I got my period back, I had spotting along with cramps. I then figured out that it was ovulation because I got my period ~20 days after that (I apparently have a longer 2nd phase of my cycle).

  10. eat normal meals. of course you’re hungry and having urges when you only eat cashews and water. that’s restriction. wake up, eat a nutritionally balanced breakfast(even if you aren’t hungry) and go about your day until you get hungry again. if hunger cues aren’t there eat something every 3 hours or so

  11. thank you i dont quite even know what a normal meal would be but i just had a sandwich 🖤

  12. i get it and it’s hard trying to trust yourself. little my little you’ll learn what’s right. sandwich is a great start

  13. no i don’t really use a hunger scale. a big part of it for me was letting go of all food rules. i ate when i felt hungry but i also ate sometimes when i wanted to. you’ll figure out what works for you!

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