1. They are playing a game know as “who is the master of the plastic bag”.

  2. Looks good. But $48 for a tenth is robbery.

  3. I don’t even think we can say it’s robbery because we are complicit in their stealing of our money. It’s more like brainwashed we all are. Sucks but I’m on my way right now to get “brainwashed” some more 😁😁

  4. It doesn't matter nowadays everything is so cross-breaded trust me I've been smoking pot since the mid-90s. The most important thing is your terpene profile percentages.

  5. Program has come a long way. That’s called progression. I’m grateful to live in ohio.

  6. Thank you! You’re the exact type of person we hope would be the one to encounter a situation like this, in the unfortunate instance it does occur. Great move with the gloves too. Sending thoughts to this flicker!

  7. That’s too bad she was to blame for its injuries to begin with but yeah right person for this instance

  8. Thank god for where I live. I never have to wait. In and out within 5-10 min.

  9. GO lusters started at 75 and have gone down to 48. After discounts I get them for 38 the place I frequent and I’m not complaining about that even though it’s been 3 years for that change. The rest of the world prices are going up so it’s a positive. . Only thing I wish is I had more variety of choices but I’ve made it this far.

  10. If cops had to pay somehow, this would stop tomorrow.

  11. My friend. All we need to do is a thorough psych evaluation before hiring and that would fix most of the problems. The young Turks show had a segment on about this one city who vetted everyone and only hired 25% of the people who applied. That means 75% were unfit to serve the public. Those 25% have cost the city and it’s taxpayers zero dollars.

  12. He mighta saw himself in the mirror and wasn’t happy w the choice of wardrobe.

  13. I would take an educated guess and say Red Bellied. Don’t ask where I got my education 🤪

  14. Well I used to travel all over. Then I became a cat dad and would rather give up my travels than spend one night away from my pack.

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