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Megathread: Senator Mitt Romney Announces Vote to Convict President Donald Trump

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  1. Black people started moving towards the Democratic Party under FDR because of his New Deal and social programs. This was a time when Jim Crow was still prevalent in the South and it gave black people job opportunities they’d previously not been allowed and have them access to social programs. Under LBJ, who was democrat, completely opposed the Civil Rights bill, was a known sexist and likely a KKK member, actually executed a brilliant political move. He knew that there was enough support for Congress to override his veto, so instead he decided we will champion this and get their votes. As i said, politically it was brilliant. What we have seen since is almost complete black support for the Democrats even though Democrat policies have wrecked black family dynamics, imprisoned tons of black men (see Bill Clinton’s crime enactments from his presidency), stripped inner city schools of funding, and made the inner cities the new plantations. Instead of forcing them work, they’re instead given EBT, welfare, section 8, and many can’t succeed to get off those programs due to the previously mentioned education issue. Ergo, when any republican threatens to reduce funding on social programs it’s obviously going to alienate those that depend on them. Both black and white, much like senior citizens when it comes to Medicare/Medicaid cuts. Look at places like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, St Louis, and the list goes on. Black people aren’t afraid of racism as much as they are other black people and gang violence. It’s sad, but when you grow up poor and your failed in school, joining a gang and making tons of money trafficking drugs and other illegal opportunities seems like a descent alternative. Trump, love him or hate him, has actually done a lot to help those. Look at the current unemployment rate, and why Trumps got the highest black approval rating of any republican in the last 50 years. If Republicans really want to win back the majority of black voters they need to improve their schools, stop giving black men 10 year prison sentences for selling weed, and give the disenfranchised something worthwhile to look forward to in life. All these teenagers and young adults getting killed in the street tends to have the opposite effects of looking forward to their future.

  2. Reagan’s gun control laws also contributed a shit ton

  3. Another one of Allah's dicks suckers. Get fucked idiot your religion is nothing more than a pedo cult

  4. Seems like you guys wanted him 8 years ago

  5. Translation: I think your type of humor is wrong because only my type is right and if you laugh at things that I dont im gonna say you re edgy and have the maturity of a 6th grader even thought it is scientifically proven that more intelligent people tend to have darker senses of humor

  6. It also works with children. That's why I have such disciplined altar boys.

  7. Damn always thought it was the asshole therapy

  8. Now it’s time to cover my asshole in game too

  9. Aren’t you the same guy who I banned on pewdiepie subs for saying the n word

  10. I don't wanna sound like a Boomer but there was this shooting a long time ago and it was exactly like a GoldenEye level

  11. Not me but my uncle, once saw 2 bodies in the middle of the road somewhere in California. He was a trained marine so he stopped the car and accessed the situation. He scouted and saw there were 2 Bunches of trees on the side of the road. It was known that a cult was known to be around this town. The bodies were in a way that cars have to go off the road to get around the car. He decided to speed up all the sudden and narrowly missed the bodies. In his rear view mirror he saw the bodies stand and a group of people slowly showed themselves out of the trees. My uncle then opened his window and gave them the finger.

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