1. Kanye West, The 1975, Frank Ocean, Radiohead, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Beyonce, Adele, Travis Scott, Tame Impala

  2. I hope your 5s off white is not fake 😰 Virgil would roll in his grave

  3. grab some Pho Quynh, great late night snacks 😍

  4. Casio is basically as cheap as you can make and distribute a watch so anyone can get them. A lot of people have had at least one in their lifetime including loads of famous people. They are also highly durable, have long battery life, and have always had an eye on innovation and cutting edge styling. Add in fun colors, corporate tie ins, multiple specialized sub brands (g-shock, Edifice, etc.), and a list of famous clients as long as the phone book. It makes for a loyal client base.

  5. god tier question demands god tier answer

  6. beautiful and depressing

  7. lol, “underrated” and “nautilus” are not the terms made for each other. nautilus is my grail but come on, man…

  8. I’m playing the song Tuyo from Narcos right now

  9. holy shit. lol. congrats on the incoming grail! your purchase history: 3 cartier bracelets, 4 rolex, 2 tudor, and what? 🤭😆

  10. wow this is terrible…

  11. lmao this is one of the most hilarious comment section ever 💀💀💀

  12. Hey Siri play Tuyo Narcos’ Theme Song 🫢 great watch!

  13. Baby Keem just humbled a model 🥹

  14. bluesy and root beer = the only two tones worth buying

  15. It has its moment. I’m not a Christian (Asian, Buddhism) but I honestly love his dedication and passion. Much better listen than I thought.

  16. so beautiful. what’s next, beside the 16570? probably a full gold Daytona/Day-Date down the road?

  17. Honestly after the explorer I’ll probably take a break from Rolex purchases for a while, I’d love to get a VC or ALS piece before I buy my first precious metal Rolex

  18. that sounds like a great plan! Vacheron Constantin Overseas and the 222 are gorgeous 😊 big fan of them.

  19. great collection. now we need 1 more, let’s say, a GMT master 2, or a Day Date, or a Daytona perhaps?

  20. lol, bitcoin is dead, tether is dead, ether is illegal securities, binance is scam, coinbase is dead, blah blah… tales as old as times. not financial advice though 🤭

  21. lmao don’t give him ideas 🥹🥹 I forgor 💀💀

  22. Bright Reality, Hideous, WEAK, None of the lights (interlude), None of the lights, Cherub, So unafraid, Angel in an old suit, Walk-toward, Heaven of a death, Praise game, Aware in space, Who will die in Albania,

  23. 💀💀💀💀 lmao cursed track list

  24. how is the quality of the strap?

  25. ym1 is very beautiful in person. not iconic but still a gorgeous timepiece. ym2 is the only rolex that can be categorized as Hublot, lol. I’d buy the ym1 in a heartbeat (for retail of course).

  26. time for a santos, a tank, a day-date, or a VC overseas. or go for a royal oak, perhaps?

  27. you have a beautiful collection! cheers

  28. The Ring, the woman with the long hair in the movie, and her mom.

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