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  1. Bottom line Supreme Court Justices are nominated " for life". That is a problem imo. Most politicians have term limits, yet we have Geriatric Dementia Justices deciding the fate of millions.

  2. Bottom line is we need to hold the legislature accountable for their incompetence. The purpose of the supreme court is to interpret laws, not create them. If we the people want something to be legal, we're not supposed to just dick around until a favorable lawyer shows up in the supreme court. We need legislators to write legislation, and vote on it.

  3. Just aggravated that 3 appointed people destroyed a fundamental right that we had for 50 years. They carry out the agenda that the person put them there in power.

  4. The thing is, we didn't have that right for 50 years. It's been hanging over us as a bargaining chip for 50 years, and it's disgusting. They can have whatever agenda they want, but if we actually spell out "abortion is legal with the following parameters" in a law, then their hands are tied.

  5. Am I the only one that finds this fucked up?! It's literal torture for the flies as they rip their own legs off trying to escape and suffer a long ass death. You are in their space! Properly protect yourself without hurting others.

  6. It's a stolen camper, not a missing person.

  7. People have often been known to stay in campers...

  8. No we aren’t purging anyone. We are saying we aren’t going to entertain you dumbasses anymore to at want to be ally’s to hate.

  9. The GOP doesn't represent me or many Republicans that I know. They haven't for a long time, I don't know why you can't see this. People think overturning Roe v. Wade was a mistake. Not political parties, not ideologues, people. If you would stop throwing a temper tantrum for 5 minutes you would find that you actually have allies.

  10. Are you capable of reading? Outside of your weird political identity, most people don't vote strict party lines.

  11. What would the difference in cost and efficiency be between a string inverter system vs optimizers?

  12. A string inverter would have been cheaper for the inverter portion, plus saved at least $25 per panel on optimizers, and produced 3 - 5% more power.

  13. What OP has are string inverters. There are two of them because it's a large array. Changing the optimizers to rapid-shutdown only modules (assuming they're required in OP's jurisdiction) would save a tiny bit of money and a tiny bit of efficiency, but OP would still need 2 inverters. If rapid shutdown isn't required, then yeah, the optimizers are a pretty dumb inclusion.

  14. Rapid shutdown modules aren't required for ground mount arrays.

  15. Used to work for an AV company that only used Sonos for the audio section. Plugged amp into a Cisco switch and could not find the amp. Called tech support. They said to turn off STP on the switch. As I'm looking through Sonos site now though, everything I see says to enable STP. So now I'm more confused.

  16. Sonos devices are notorious for switch loops. They bridge their wifi and LAN interfaces, so if you have more than one wired device and more than 0 wireless ones, you get switch loops.

  17. Rational gun legislation wold be a good place to start.

  18. Some of the other posters here said the Peoud Boys have police amongst their ranks, what gun legislation is going to disarm cops?

  19. The Sherriff basically held the door open for them. What's the recourse when it's state endorsed violence?

  20. That's what the 2nd amendment is for.

  21. Your family member will need to file a tax return to receive this payment. You will need to include some interest income or something if they have no income other than social security. They may also qualify for the property and sales tax fairness credit. If they pay real estate taxes or rent, this could be a significant amount.

  22. Disability is also separate from SSI, and is taxed, so someone receiving Disability payments can file taxes and get some back.

  23. Aside from any physical damage, you're fine. You can cut fiber with scissors or side cutters, it doesn't shatter.

  24. I had someone come into my home network and run rampart, don't know why, hopefully this will help.

  25. Doubtful. They were most likely let in by someone on your network clicking on something, and no firewall will stop that.

  26. It is a valid defense against unreasonable charges. If some idiot fails at robbing a bank, but says their intention was to use the money to forcibly take over the world and reincorporate it as the "State of Idiocracy" they get charged with robbing the bank, not taking over the world. If you try to go after them for "taking over the world", then they can use "The criminal was too dumb for that to ever happen" as a defense.

  27. Ok, so your position is that they forced their way into the capitol building for no reason other than forcing their way into the capitol building.

  28. And your position is that they thought they were playing King of the Hill with an entire country

  29. How else would I know that you can stop a nuclear meltdown by hitting one button?

  30. You actually can, it's called SCRAM in the US, and the Russians (and I assume others?) have a different name for it. The one I am aware of is a single button that uses pressurized air to eject all the rods from the reactor very rapidly.

  31. In small towns everyone knows when Delores has the shits, I'm pretty sure rape and drive-by shootings would be noticed.

  32. Well, that headline is pretty misleading.

  33. For families that live in an area without a high school, they are given a voucher (that they never see, its all handled between the schools) to send their kids to another school, public or private. Previously religious schools were banned, but now they are permitted as long as they follow the same rules as non-religious private schools.

  34. Trot yourself off to law school and then we can have a reasonable discussion.

  35. A bunch of lawyers that were appointed to the highest court in the state just made a decision on this, and they disagreed with you.

  36. Have fun! You can rent all sorts of fun guns at Maine Military in Holden (just a few minutes drive from Bangor) if you want the all-american gun sampler.

  37. I second Maine Military Supply. If you haven't been shooting before, you want a place with a good RSO.

  38. Yeah but we can go to the doctor without calling our banks first

  39. What programmer that is considering an international move doesn't have employer provided health insurance?

  40. Don't kill yourself for your job, it's really not worth it.

  41. My employer didn't even hire a replacement, they just recovered the person's salary and expected us to do the same work with one less person.

  42. Wait companies don’t by law contribute to your pension?

  43. Instead the federal government takes a chunk out of our paychecks and promises to give it back after we turn 75. Unfortunately, that fund has been raided so much over the years that most economists agree that anyone under 30 is never seeing that money.

  44. In America, the minimum retirement age is 62 and the max is 70 (at which point you don't get higher benefits for waiting). I don't know where you get "75" from.

  45. Your own link shows that you get penalized for taking it early, and there were regular increases to the retirement date.

  46. Oh noes! Not unhinged! And all because I thought we were having a discussion, not a contest. Please, you know who I was speaking to. Assuming you can read.

  47. I made a statement, you went off the rails and accused me of a bunch of random unrelated and horrible things. Lets not pretend that was a "conversation".

  48. Uh, Idaho is known for its collection of a variety of white supremacist organizations. The very fact that it took 11 states just demonstrates how fringe Patriot Front is. No one claimed they were the only White supremacists, you just are showing you have no real argument. I can legitimately bunch all White supremacists together, unless you have a favorite organization? Where did you get the idea that Trump didn’t become fringe? How is trying to overthrow our government with incitement to violence not fringe? You are a fan of his creeping fascism? Or is it just that you want PF to stand back and stand by?

  49. Who was this supposed to be directed at? You sound pretty unhinged.

  50. If by physics you mean first meter path loss for that frequency range, then a higher transmit power can offset that by quite a bit (which the FAA has screwed over). Usually you are instructed to place the 5G home gateway near a window to offset the penetration issues of C band. mmWave isn’t even a thing in rural areas, so the poor penetration and propagation characteristics of that don’t matter per se.

  51. Mmwave is the only thing that gives 5G decent speed, otherwise it's marginally better than 4G.

  52. 600Mbps for C band is not a decent speed? Do you even know what you’re talking about? Secondly, the government agency is fussing about spectrum they are not licensed for.

  53. 600mbps isn't real world speed. The first 3 people on a tower might see that for a month or so, after that the oversell rates drag everyone back down to less than 120mbps peak. I've been delivering broadband to rural areas for a decade and I've been listening to the lies for longer than that.

  54. Holy shit...looking at some of those prices....it's half the price of Spectrum for the same speeds....

  55. Thats why they came up with the new name. Fidium is Consolidated, but fiber instead of copper. They inherited their copper plant from Failpoint, which inherited it from Verizon. Copper in Maine sucks because of how rural it is, but their fiber should be pretty good.

  56. What's with the image comment? Looks like a good candidate for a disinformation campaign.

  57. Conservatives had no problem with this in the 80’s and early 90’s, when the vast majority of large businesses were owned and run by conservatives and the companies eschewed liberal beliefs. Back then, it was “FREE MARKET! If you don’t like it, don’t use their services or products and they will change!”.

  58. So your argument is that it's bad when conservatives do it, but good when liberals do it? How about it's just bad and no one should do it.

  59. lmao people saying queer people like us should be killed in the streets is exactly one of the things Musk is saying should be allowed on Twitter what are you even on about

  60. That's considered a threat, and isn't even permitted in the more restrictive legal definition of free speech.

  61. The degree to which Americans have been brainwashed by their corporate overlords is almost unfathomable.

  62. Option 2 depends entirely on electing self-serving morons like Ted Cruz to public office.

  63. So what was the excuse for the 20 years before Cruz? The US doesn't run public services, we always pay some corporation to run it for us.

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