1. I’ve seen others say that attendance was limited due to construction.

  2. Oh my....I'm breathless at the beauty of this baby! Congratulations on the completion of such an amazing and comprehensive project!

  3. I did something similar while cutting a zucchini. Although it’s not nearly as bad as yours, I feel you pain. If I could give any advice, it’d be to go get a finger splint so when you stub the tip (or lack there of), it won’t be excruciating for you!!

  4. Oh good! So how is it feeling after surgery? I’m on day 15, and it’s pretty close to being 100% healed! I stubbed it this morning and almost cried! Haha damn nerve endings.

  5. Dude, the nerve endings are KILLER. It still has some infection so it doesn't like being touched by anything - including wrappings. But the doctor today said the skin flap looks pink and healthy! Day 4 post surgery, so fingers crossed things keep going well.

  6. Honestly, my desire got less and less as I got older. I'm 31 and happily, solidly child free.

  7. Yes, yes, yes. My husband keeps commenting on it. He says "it's like you're a while new person" because I am so much happier and energetic. It's crazy!

  8. Absolutely, it's hard to see the scale not move. My recommendation is to pick 1 day a week that you weigh yourself, no more than that. Try to weigh yourself at the same time of day for consistency too.

  9. I had the same thing. My Dr had me take Prilosec for a few days, and when it didn't calm the foamies down they did an endoscopy and I ended up having a stricture. I'd call your doctor and tell them what's going on.

  10. Just to rule out the obvious, how is your hydration, your protein intake and are you being diligent about your vitamins?

  11. I take my supplements every day, I'm hydrated but could probably increase water a little more, and protein intake 8s pretty good as well. I'm going to get blood work done soon to check all of my levels, so if anything is wrong there I'll know soon.

  12. Are you taking iron every day? I was struggling hard for awhile even though I was getting in my water and protein.

  13. I haven't been - that's a good idea. Guess I'll see if my levels come back low in my blood tests. Thank you!

  14. Patience and drink your water. I didn't poop until 7 days post-op and my Dr said that was to be expected. Drink water! Drink, drink, drink.

  15. God, it's SO good! Easily one of my favorite horror ever. It's not predictable like so many American movies, and the unease it inspires throughout is just chef's kiss.

  16. I rarely leave my house, and if I do I always wear my mask and use hand sanitizer.

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