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  2. Hey don't be spoiling today's Worldle!

  3. We took a friend to JoJo who had never been to Portland before, and they sent a picture almost exactly like this to their partner, who has to this day never been to Portland either. He immediately texted back, "IS THAT JOJO??" Apparently he's seen them on Instagram and that sandwich is on his food bucket list. It is a very good sandwich!

  4. I don't need it personally, but for others who might be interested, does it also have a code for the online store?

  5. Wow. I really thought "onto" was a typo for "into" but here we are!

  6. i'm also assuming the IT nerds would make waaaay more money in the private sector at a BA even if the Feds (NPS, BLM, USGS, etc) decided to hire employees to improve their technology and software for things like booking reservations.

  7. This is very true. A senior software engineer would be around a GS-14 level, with a salary range is $95k - $125k. At BAH you'd probably be making about $130k - 200k in that role.

  8. For anyone interested here's the

  9. Yeah, I have no love for BAH but someone new "discovers" that they run every few months and thinks they've uncovered a massive conspiracy when it's really a fairly normal government IT contract and not an unreasonable funding structure. I think there's a lot of room to debate what the specific fees should be that BAH can collect, but the concept of not having the government pay up front and instead reimbursing the contractor through line-item fees for each reservation is kind of clever. It incentivizes the contractor to produce a high-quality and reliable site that supports all the different types of permits that the agencies want to issue without massive upfront investment or quibbling over scope and budget. You want to make fees on this type of permit, you do the work to implement the system for that type of permit. I think the fees should be lower, but the basic concept seems reasonable. I don't think the site would work better if it were directly implemented and managed by the federal government, and despite this author's derision towards cloud company executives, the government would be using the same cloud vendors if they ran the site.

  10. Amazing what a rich uncle buying all your success will do to a fan base

  11. Rough year for Phil Knight... first his expensive plot to buy a governor fails, now this? I can hear the world's tiniest sad trombone.

  12. Why do they want to hear what people think when they’re going to do it anyway 🤷‍♂️

  13. Welcome to what climate activists/people who often bike or walk or use transit/everyone else who doesn't benefit from the highway industrial complex has been experiencing for decades! If you believe ODOT gives a shit about public input, I have a $200 million study for a bridge to sell you (bridge not included).

  14. Columbia makes garbage gear. I would go to an actual outdoor company. Rab makes nice jackets, so does mountain hardwear, among several others

  15. Amusingly Mountain Hardwear is a subsidiary of Columbia. But the main Columbia brand isn't intended as technical gear, it's more for jackets you might wear around town and for the occasional hike.

  16. I seem to remember one side in particular voting against any form of price control or regulation for healthcare, let alone universal healthcare, every fucking time. Both sides are not the same, and nowhere is the difference more clear than healthcare policy.

  17. There is a government website you are supposed to reserve a campground on. Most of the time you can’t reserve a spot because they immediately get snatched by travel company bots

  18. Can anyone show any actual example of government owned campsites being available on a private reservation reseller? I've never seen public campsites on an OTA/reseller site. There's definitely issues with campground reservation systems, but it's largely due to high demand and relatively low costs that lead to people reserving sites "just in case" and then not actually using them.

  19. Yes thank you I read the article. This still isn't about police not doing their jobs. They can't control the amount of evidence needed. Regardless, i'd rather our few PDs be occupied with more significant cases than shoplifting.

  20. Who exactly do you think collects the evidence used to prosecute a case? And who do you think "controls the amount of evidence needed" for that matter? It's ultimately up to judges and juries to decide if there's sufficient evidence for a conviction.

  21. Prosecutors do prepare evidence for trial, but much of the evidence they use is initially collected by police. Police are generally responsible for collecting physical evidence at a crime scene, and identifying, getting contact information from, and potentially interviewing witnesses. If the police officers responding to a crime fail to collect evidence, or fail to collect it properly and cause it to be inadmissible, then there may not be sufficient evidence for prosecutors to prove a case. Certainly prosecutors have the authority to conduct additional investigations and collect additional evidence, but in most cases the crucial evidence is going to need to be collected by police when they respond to a crime.

  22. As someone who rides his bike almost everyday and live in SE portland. I don't get the hardon for a bike lane on Hawthorne. The greenways to the north and south provide what you really need. Bike lanes on a busy road aren't safe. If you want to focus on bike access for people maybe work on Far Southeast and other areas.

  23. It sounds like they've identified 20+ streets rebuilt over the past several decades that aren't in compliance, so it wouldn't just benefit people near Hawthorne. Some of those recently rebuilt streets are certainly in outer east Portland.

  24. You shouldn't ride on the sidewalk. You put people in danger by biking on the sidewalk and "dodge pedestrians." Safety is the crux of your statement, but you put safety second to convenience by your own actions, which is almost in essence what people in cars do.

  25. Thank you for the helpful, totally not-preachy or entitled advice, which I definitely solicited and contains no double standards! I was riding at a walking speed and by "dodging" pedestrians I mean stopping frequently to pass them safely. You had to be there. Half the people in this thread are whining about people biking in the street, haters can't have it both ways :).

  26. Its different in that it simply stores information on the blockchain instead of servers. So when you write code you can store the information in a system like ipfs and call it from the blockchain. So yeah similar to websites like opensea, you can view it from web2 absolutely but you need a wallet to connect to the website itself. The cool thing is it can replace your wallet address aswell. Meaning if you sent crypto or some asset to uofo.eth, whatever wallet address i tie to it will recieve it.

  27. Like if my grandma doesn't have an eth account, can she send me a recipe or a picture or something with it? Or like can you find it on google if you want seo? How do you put new blocks into the chain to actually do daily tasks? Or is it more of like a video game sort of thing?

  28. First, yes your grandma could potentially send you a recipe but it would not be on the eth network, but a layer 2 solution because to put information on chain there are validators that validate information going onto the blockchain and those validators require a reward for "donating" their bandwidth. You could though find a layer 2 that creates their own blockchain that doesnt require a validator but sends something called a proof to the blockchain that is like a key for information.

  29. Mate I'm just yanking your chain. Nobody wants web3 lol, if Ducks didn't even fall for it what made you think Beavers would 🤣

  30. Proviz makes reflective jackets that are entirely made out of reflective material. The whole thing glows, not just some strips.

  31. Odd that they support the A71 when Dexcom does not support that device for the G6 app. Is the blood sugar info in the Omnipod app good enough or is it better to have a device that's compatible w/ Dexcom too?

  32. Just got a notification that the cause of the outage is St John's is a tree on a line. The city needs to clean up the trees that have been growing into the high voltage power lines. It's ridiculous that this keeps happening.

  33. It is actually the utility's responsibility to trim trees that are near power lines. PGE does have a tree trimming program, you'll see them often around town.

  34. Thanks, I looked on PulsePoint when the sirens were passing my house but all I could see was "Vehicle Fire", lol. Seems like a bit more than just that.

  35. PulsePoint has a limited set of categories that it displays calls under, and it's typically based on how the call is initially reported. Every something major like a shooting often just shows as "Medical Emergency". If you see a large quantity or unusual types of units on a call the best way to get more info is generally to listen to the scanner. For reference, R99 is the SERT medic unit; if you see them on a call there's a very high chance there's some kind of significant police incident. Often they'll show up as the only unit on a "mutual aid" call in PulsePoint when they're deployed to a police call where there isn't any further fire/medical element.

  36. Can I ask where you got that info? Been hearing sirens nonstop for 90 minutes. My kids are in HP school which is in 'lockout'.

  37. Fire scanner. Police scanner is encrypted but fire scanner is open. SERT medics were talking with ambulance crews about where the subject was and their status. Of course, take anything overheard on the scanner with a grain of salt - it's not any sort of official statement. News article on kptv said that while the school is on lockdown as a precaution, the incident doesn't involve the school directly.

  38. ah that makes sense. pulsepoint just says “vehicle fire” with a few fire/medical units including rescue 99, which responds to calls where sert is activated.

  39. The call initially came in as a man armed with a rifle setting things on fire in the PCC parking lot. No details have been officially released but it sounds like he ended up at Harrison Park where he was shot by police.

  40. I work for a smaller consulting firm on an engineering team. We essentially do commercial and industrial energy efficiency savings verification, so a good understanding of engineering fundamentals, heat transfer, etc. is important. Rarely do we get sufficiently complicated projects to require ChemE-specific knowledge, but it does happen occasionally. Most people in the field have a mechanical engineering degree.

  41. Controversial take perhaps, but New Morning Bakery. The baked goods are what they're known for, but the entrees and salads are also worth a visit on their own. I think they still have the Thursday deal where you get any entree, any salad, and any dessert for $10 (might be more $ now though). Cozy spot and yummy food.

  42. We graduated 8 years ago (😮) and my partner and I still talk about the fucking delicious rice at Crystal's regularly. We aren't in Corvallis often, but when we are, we go to Crystal's, and the guy who works at the register always recognizes us. Lovely family run restaurant and amazing food 10/10.

  43. How close is "the metro area"? I don't think road riding in what I consider the metro area is particularly enjoyable - there's few places you can just ride freely without being interrupted by traffic lights, bizarre routefinding, etc. I miss the road cycling in Corvallis... you can get out of town in a few minutes and do a whole century with minimal distractions, in about any direction. You can kind of get that experience on the outskirts of Portland but most of the roads are so heavily trafficked that I don't find the experience as enjoyable.

  44. So then what is the idea behind training for high elevation by limiting oxygen? If it’s an air pressure thing, how do our bodies adapt to that so that you can have climbers go up there without supplemental oxygen?

  45. The % of molecules in the air that are oxygen stay the same. The total amount of molecules in the air goes down. Therefore there are fewer total oxygen molecules.

  46. House near 82nd and Glisan. Power went out and I saw the craziest explosion to the SW at around 9:20. Sky lit up orange and a huge fireball went into the sky. Power went off and on several times with a deep electric vibration in the distance each time. Currently out

  47. The PGE substation at 60th and Stark

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