[Charania] Breaking: Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kyrie Irving has requested a trade, league sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. The franchise has been informed that Irving prefers to move on ahead of the Feb. 9 trade deadline – or will leave in free agency in July.

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  1. Is it really just me who’s been underwhelmed by Lavine since he left? He was one of the best Wolves draft picks for sure but he hasn’t really done much on the bulls.

  2. I always forget that a large number of people on Reddit are teenagers

  3. I can't unsee Skip Bayless as Hal Jordan

  4. Welcome to the internet where everyone is an expert on everything

  5. Jaylen Nowell. Remove him from the Wolves pls and thanks

  6. I remember coming into this season I thought that he would be a candidate for sixth man of the year.

  7. Bidets now fit between the seat and the toilet for 20 bucks.. life changing!

  8. Just get one of those condiment squeeze bottles for $4. Helps you work on your aim

  9. That's the most excited I've ever seen him

  10. Stack talks about himself as if he was a star player on All the smoke.

  11. This is the problem with all these people getting their own podcasts. They get to continue their delusion that they are the star of everything

  12. Vando and Malik just making their way across the NBA together lol This would be the 4th team they are both on.

  13. If they just did the Arkham games as a movie series I'd be happy. That's how I like my Batman.

  14. I was excited for the first Suicide Squad movie, because I thought it would essentially be Assault on Arkham. Boy was I wrong

  15. U.S. Console HBO MAX won’t turn off subtitles.

  16. I'm having the same issue. Have you heard anything back about it?

  17. A better fight scene than Episode 3

  18. Not in Shoreview but Jimmy’s in Vadnais heights is a pretty decent neighborhood place for drinks and bar food.

  19. They have good specials on drinks, but the wings were really disappointing. Still, they have late happy hours, so it's not the worst place to go

  20. Really? What happened to your wings? I’ve had really good luck with wings and burgers there

  21. It tasted like 90% salt and 10% other seasoning. Maybe that's their trick to get you to buy more drinks

  22. Hell no. I wouldn't even take Kyrie on a vet minimum. We've finally figured out the chemistry on this team and we don't need all the drama he brings.

  23. I really liked his depiction in Batman Earth One

  24. Maybe he wants to do James Harden a favor and give up his All-Star berth

  25. If you take into consideration the amount of time JJJ spends on the bench, it makes sense that he was named a reserve

  26. I heard his blocks were just stat padding anyways

  27. Yeah, there's a 0.000003% chance. I took stats in high school so I know what I'm talking about

  28. I don't get the Hasan hate on this sub. Regardless of whether or not you like his comedy, he's done very well for himself. I guess Adidas was right when they said there will be haters

  29. If you like older movies, they have quite the good collection of Errol Flynn films

  30. It involves him being childish and why that is.

  31. Oh I'm pretty sure I know what you're driving at

  32. Red pill, so I can devote my life to making sure The Matrix Resurrections never gets made

  33. That post was an inside job to make people watch film on JJJ before the all star game so his name would be fresh on their minds

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