1. I'll figure out how to do that when I get home lol I'll send them to you in the meantime!

  2. You're beautiful and very romantic and sensual but still classy, romantic!


  4. There a lot of gate keeping over R/TR in this sub, I’m not a pro but I see R, although the SD wrap too looks beautiful!! Height is an issue in this group, and despite verified celebs being over 5’5, as soon as you’re over 5’5 here you’ll likely get SD/SN or DC (occasionally FN). But yeah, I see R, but the wrap top looks beautiful, as does the red dress! Have a play and get a feel for what you like, maybe take some pics in your FAV outfits and see what type you think they are? Hope you find your type :)

  5. new post with more pictures and TR/R/SD lines - feel free to check it out (only if you'd like to though!) and let me know your opinions :)

  6. Those outfits are so pretty! I’m caught now between TR and SD, but again I’m new at this so could be completely off! But they look so pretty! X

  7. Awww thank you for taking a look! ✨ me too but I’ll figure it out

  8. I see TR when i look at your pictures, this is why: you are soft have double curve, very narrow sloping shoulders but i see some sharp edges in your figure. You also look too dainty to be SD. I don’t know your height but i don’t see any vertical for SD..our shoulders are very straight and slightly rounded because of the soft flesh but still a T shape..example of SD Monica belluci sorry i don’t know how to make the link smaller:

  9. yeah i feel like i'm in a weird strange in between place btwn TR and SD T_T

  10. Ok yes, some TR’s can look like they have slight elongation (not vertical) because of the dramatic undercurrent. and you feel like your chopping yourself in half when color blocking..that’s because those colorblocking are Gamine lines. Actually R family looks best in head to toe looks with waist definition. You can easily check if you have vertical by wearing a monochrome outfit with a high contrast color belt in your for example black outfit with a white belt..that’s gonna look really off if you have extremely long legs with a super short waist and upperbody on top. The thing is both SD and TR have Romantic and Dramatic..they are just the exact opposite off that. Rihanna is 5’8 and because of her height has automatic vertical, she looks very tall, hopefully David is gonna verify her soon.

  11. omg thank you for suggesting the black outfit white belt tip??? that's gonna be a great way to find out! thank you so much, i'll try it out in the morning!

  12. also, if there's discords related to kibbe or fashion theory, i'd love to join if anyone has some! looking for a place where i can casually chat to people about these things and discord would be perfect!!!

  13. I don't feel like you've got much width or openness in your upper body at all from these pictures (though it's hard to tell for sure). That would rule out the N types. I do feel you look slightly shorter than 5'6"- so maybe some sort of gamine?

  14. i took photos with a better camera angle and height, you can check them out here if you'd like!

  15. I see minimal width and no obvious length. You have softness and a defined waist. I would start your research with Romantic and SD to learn about the difference. I don't know too much about Romantic.

  16. i took photos with a better camera angle and height, you can check them out here if you'd like!

  17. Aww, this is really sweet! :) Hope you two have an awesome time, can't imagine how excited you both must be!

  18. How do you know this? And are you still allowed to edit the forms which you've submitted?

  19. On the Shopify SmartRecruiters form, and also the CTQ and Personal Statement forms, it says:

  20. Okay thank you! Do you know if you edit it after feb 14th 11:59pm it counts as late submission?

  21. I'd send them an email first asking if it's okay to edit your submission first before going ahead with it - because it may change the time submitted and disqualify your application, so definitely check with them first.

  22. Hi! I'm in Math SL so unfortunately I don't know much about HL but if you do have a good proposal honestly, post about your situation in

  23. The 'closeness' of the two maximum points is proportionate to the remainder of (27550m+2875)/29532. The lowest you can get is the congruence class starting at 7377*27550+2875 ≡ 1 mod 29532 which corresponds to maxima at x = 203239.224 and x = 203239.276

  24. Thank you! I'll definitely be checking out that point. However, I'm not familiar with the team "mod" when used in an equation, what does that mean if I may ask?

  25. Yes, that was my initial thought, but it didn't work. Looking like this is a no-go, but thank you for your help!

  26. I think all you need to do is find one point ( ,1) where they intersect and then you can use their periods to find all the other points.

  27. Thank you! How would I find the first point of intersection though?

  28. hey everyone! this is my first suite, so feedback and suggestions would be very appreciated :)

  29. Note: Left is more natural/low effort, while right is what I do when I'm not running late!

  30. Hello, everyone! Looking for active friends (I'd love to message people in game and maybe have a litte fun tiering with people.)

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