1. Get Out was good, but the other 2 are just high concept ideas but the execution was meh in my opinion.

  2. Meticulous and calculated with 100% focus throughout his films. Qualities that are lost in most modern filmmakers

  3. Love him or hate him (he's 2 for 3 for me, my hot take is that Nope is his best by a mile), he's without a doubt one of the most iconic filmmakers of this era, both to "film people" and the general public. Few others are that critically acclaimed and financially successful, and Get Out has had more of an impact on the horror genre than maybe any movie in the past decade.

  4. You're 100% right honestly. I'm just being a stickler. His success is undoubtedly real.

  5. Many many films are pointless. There are more pointless films than purposeful ones these days

  6. Even if you call a film pointless it was still made with the intention of making money - so no film is pointless

  7. Fair fair. I'll concede to that point

  8. Comments are overrated. Sometimes it's real discussion which is good. Most of the time it's, "CaN I GeT a RiP?!?!?" Which is just annoying.

  9. Or "Where did you watch this"? I'm a pirate bruh get with the times

  10. Tom Hanks, he just seems so insincere in whatever roles ive seen him in.

  11. honestly he should be nominated for 2 razzies this year alone. 2 of the worst performances of the year in Elvis and Pinocchio

  12. Good review. I personally really thought this remake was unnecessary and bordered on manipulative.

  13. Yeah it's last for me too unfortunately. I wish I felt different about it

  14. Drake manifested his success? are we joking? You do know how rich and well connected within the industry his parents are right? They had pull in multiple facets of the entertainment industry.

  15. Coming of Age films. So tired of these and they haven't been original in decades

  16. I really like this type of film. I’m curious to know, are there any that you think are the expectation or which ones do you particularly dislike?

  17. Jarhead (2005) sits at 3.5/5 but imo it's a true 5/5

  18. Tar, Banshees of Inisherin, Triangle of Sadness

  19. Cool stuff just wish I could get a sense of your skill as a storyteller instead of capturing good shots. Cheers and keep at it!

  20. Life fucks me every day and I never finish

  21. Blue and Red are two of my faves of all time but I give White a 3 star rating at best

  22. He was the saving grace of that tepid movie

  23. I've written, directed, acted, DP'd , Camera op'd, and PA'd and I've learned I'm not a big fan of 12-14 hour shoot days so I've reserved myself to writing for the most part, or working on productions with efficiently run sets (who am I kidding)?And I for the life of me can't stand post-production either but a good friend of mine lives for the editing room.

  24. I think we've been so starved for good movies this year that something that mediocre got some hype, but once the hype dies down I think people will realize on a rewatch how much of a scatterbrained and ridiculously poor film that was. Just my two cents. We'll see how it ages.

  25. There were a few movies this year I let myself get really hyped for that completely left me cold after the lights came up. Namely Men, Maverick and this. Peele is clearly super smart and a great visual storyteller, but this movie had a lot of ideas on its mind and he just didn't quite bring them all together in any way that felt cohesive to either myself or my partner. That we both felt that way was tough. I was hoping she'd at least have seen something in it I missed.

  26. Very well said. Thanks for sharing. I feel with Nope and US he's just throwing so many darts at the board and not many of them stick. Like sure an Akira slide shot is cool but what does it serve to the theme of the film? We used to have auteurs that embue every second of the film with meaning that relates to the focused theme but many of the ideas in nope seem to be there just because the director thinks they're cool.

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