1. wtf kinda building has 438 floors. I forgor

  2. my favorite part is when the bridge said "its morbin time" and morbed everywhere

  3. I'm sorry but what do u expect from the fukin internet. I forgor

  4. he is right u kno, a pig with tits, nothin better than that

  5. This might possibly be the biggest oh shit oh fuck oh shit oh fuck moment in history

  6. not really, he can just delete the post and it will be forgotten about within the week, with the occasional post someone will put up once in a while

  7. they celebrating cuz they about to have a full ass dinner

  8. ok it's not talking about circumcised, they removed the fukin skin, like degloved. good times

  9. oh I'm sure she was very familiar with "missionary" during that time

  10. erected the entire everest mountain out his behind

  11. will smith's son fuken hell made me chuckle

  12. yeah that was the reason why i said it may not be totally death metal, but still rips hard to an extent.

  13. I'll be honest with you, if I removed the female vocals, this song would go in my top ten:)

  14. oh by the way i meant the whole album by saying trumpeting ecstasy, not the title track itself lol; i highly recommend listening the whole album if you didnt

  15. he is moshing, homie having a good ass time. I forgor

  16. not sure, florida is a long way from cali but i could see it happening in the future they’re getting a lot of buzz

  17. I was told by tactosa themselves they were gonna be in cali soon, he said to check their insta, but I don't have insta

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