1. I don't see how he takes himself seriously now. Once I think his spiral into madness has stopped.. It gets deeper. Has he even addressed the eyebrows yet??

  2. The damn fryer is on a timer dude. You're not doing anything special. Does he think he's on his way to being a chef??

  3. I was apprehensive to even comment on this.. I don't want ad reminders of Scamdecki throughout the day.. 🤣🤣

  4. Will this dude ever act like an adult?? I mean at this point he's gotta be on the autism spectrum.. There's no fuckin way he's real without him having something like that.. Idk.. He just acts like a child constantly.

  5. This idiot. The words that had just came out of his mouth was "trying to be relevant and it's making you LOOK worse"... They weren't saying he said physical appearance.. How slow is he really??

  6. Also, those pillows under his eyes are getting bigger by the day. I'm sure everyone that seen him at target was sure he's a meth head. Purple rainbow backpack, eyebags bigger than the shopping bags, talking to himself constantly, and to top it off he went and got into his $700 mini van..

  7. This mother fucker can’t make a decision on his own and he is going off on someone in the comments about not making their own decisions. 🤯

  8. Seriously, Does he hear himself?? This idiot calls his chat "WE" and would rely on them for every decision he makes. Just from this live he asked about the vinyls. Chat decided. Then with the overalls the chat decided what SIZE HE SHOULD BUY!!

  9. 🤣🤣🤣💀💀 Doesn’t he own a lint roller?? Like damn, you’re cooking food with dog hair all over you 🤢

  10. Came here to say this.. Does he even look at himself or even care to be half presentable?? If he doesn't have a long roller, get some tape wrap it around your fingers and at least get the damn dog hair off the front of your shit 😂🤣

  11. And if I remember right.. This was at 11 a.m.. He'd been there for TWO hours already with that shit still on his shirt like that. There's no telling how many have fell in that food since he's been working there

  12. Whether it was two months or not.. dude still has plenty of time to himself even when he has work. Working 3-4 hours a day is nothing. You can do so much and get a lot of things done even after you work. The fact that he’s complaining is ridiculous and pathetic.

  13. Seriously, the dude gets up and is on live at 6 a.m for two hours it seems. Then at work.. and afterwards.. Lol.. He never went anywhere.. Wtf is he being deprived of doing besides sitting on his ass and doing nothing?

  14. The stupid head nodding drives me nuts. Shit has to be a nervous tick or a tell that he's lying.. Idk but I know I hate it.

  15. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just watched this derailment yesterday. This and when he hits himself in the face are my two favorite live moments.. Completely unhinged meltdownss.

  16. Trending down 📉📉📉. He'll say he's not worried about the numbers but then when he goes live he'll tell a "troll" thanks for the engagement. Dude is scatterbrained AF.

  17. Lol.. I can't get over the wild eyed scared/worried look on his face 😂😂. It's a bad look for him to call his mommy WHILE on live. He is 100 percent addicted to TikTok and drama.

  18. Funny he says "this guy" but is actively live streaming the incident. if you don't want people knowing your family's business. Get off live stream!

  19. My dad is 54 and Michael looks A LOT older than him. I don’t know how he’s truly 38.

  20. I honestly thought he was 55+ when I first seen him, and saying 55+ is being nice.. 😂😂

  21. Him making that video choosing Shawn over and over was very strange. He passed men that were closer his age than Shawn, that’s alarming. Does he not see how creepy that is.

  22. I'm glad you said something about that Shawn Mendes post.. I knew it wasn't just me who thought that it was VERY CREEPY. The fact that he looks 60+ makes it even worse than him being 38 obsessed with him. A lot of people wouldn't know Scamdecki's age if he popped up on their timeline.

  23. I mean even if the dogs were the real reason to move back to Georgia. He doesn't have to live WITH THEM. He's just a fkin bum.

  24. Awww.. He made it sound like his mommy snuck in like it was Christmas morning.. Lmao.. I swear he stopped maturing at 12 years old.

  25. I see why he’s remained single for so long, who could deal with this all the time

  26. Lol.. I feel like this video is seriously modeled after Michael.. 😂😂😂

  27. His biggest addiction is definitely playing games!!! Meth is just the reason for those mind games he plays..

  28. This fool.. He just said they were sitting on his desk this morning. How stupid is he or how stupid does he think everyone else is??

  29. “Make sure the house doesn’t fall apart” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 how did that end for you Mikey????

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