1. Looks like the bottom part of the posted image was

  2. My understanding is the entire town has burned down at least twice, but maybe 3 times, and was half buried in a land slide. The Wild Bill Bar in the more recent photo is approximately where the No. 10 (where Wild Bill was shot) originally stood. They have a display down in the "basement" where it supposedly happened, except the "basement" used to be ground level. The No. 10 that stands now was built as an exact replica sometime in the 1910's.

  3. Title date is a little off. The photo was taken during the

  4. It’s AI generated/edited. Saw this appear in another thread showing the original image and how they selected an area and told the software to put in a mushroom cloud.

  5. Could be a soft requirement. Meaning they have 2 they are looking to hire one did have green eyes the other brown. Everything else being close to equal then green eyes was hired.

  6. Maybe. The original source for that info is a 2014 Los Angeles Times article on retiring flight attendant Diane Hansen. The full text in the article:

  7. From the 12/19/2001 Princeton Alumni Weekly:

  8. Their navels are covered so those are technically two piece swimsuits and not bikinis.

  9. Since it is blended and not just chopped it is more of a sauce than a relish.

  10. The fruit in a smoothie isn't cooked. The tomatoes in ketchup are.

  11. Let's hope it doesn't end like Caesars Palace:

  12. Or like Snake River Canyon, or Cow Palace, or Pocono Raceway, or the sharks, or...

  13. Yeah, he made a lot of jumps that ended in injuries:

  14. Isn’t this a repost? I remember the ALF shirt

  15. Amateur fashion historian! Some of these photos are photo shopped! While bullet bras were a dramatic shape they weren’t quite this exaggerated/pointy. You can find the original of the last photo for example on google images (though I can’t figure out how to link )

  16. The last time this was posted I said that I thought this Robert Quigley was him:

  17. Would you happen to know how old the second kid lived to be?

  18. Not certain if this is the right person because his last name is Norman and not Normand as it says in the caption at Getty and all the newspaper articles I could find (but they were probably just repeating the original error), but he was born in West Paterson in 1931. Also, the newspaper articles indicate that his father was also Charles and

  19. What a disrespect to history to buy that car and paint it a normal color.

  20. After Janis’ death in 1970, the car was used as a courtesy car by her manager Albert Grossman. During Grossman's time with the vehicle it fell into disrepair and was later taken by Joplin’s brother Michael, who returned the car to its original condition by restoring the engine as well as returning the car to its original Dolphin Grey paint.

  21. If you've never been on a skateboard, this pose by Farah is not technically difficult because the weight on the back foot pushing the board into the ground is quite stable, I don't know if she actually was a skateboarder, but it's kind of like standing on one foot, this could have just been a modeling pose, and not an actual photo of her boarding.

  22. This is a promotional shot for a Charlie's Angels episode where Farah's character Jill, on a skateboard, gets away from a bad guy. It is pretty obvious that a stunt woman is doing the actual skating. The skateboard chase through Griffith Park is in the first season episode, "Consenting Adults" which originally aired December 8, 1976 and the chase scene can be found on YouTube if you want to judge for yourself.

  23. Not too bad, though, if the bot is correct and it hasn’t been posted since 2020.

  24. I don't think the bot finds posts that have been deleted because it was

  25. The source of the photo is the Library of Congress:

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