We had a 70’s-themed dinner party last night. The food was not as great as one would think.

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  1. I think locking the token store until lv 500 is pretty bad, maybe more like 350? The grid is pretty bad, and is only going to get worse if they keep introducing new variants.

  2. even as a guy, I know that's the dumbest thing ever and easily disprovable. like uh

  3. Yeah, well, no given sequence of numbers has one.

  4. Some numbers do come up more than others, that you can see over large aggregations.

  5. they removed it, but it was a half of a couple very ready to name their newborn child Neelix.

  6. Lots of people are trying hard to give their kids unique names with unique spellings... I don't get it.

  7. Buy $400 of meth and spend the rest on a crow bar, a ski mask, and an Uber XL scheduled to pick me up at microcenter with my new PC

  8. He failed to mention in the main post that he's in the Philippines. So most of the advice he's getting here is garbage since it only applies to the US.

  9. A response to how easy it is to make a fake ID in some states. I recall seeing a NH license in the early 2000s that looked like a school ID

  10. which is stupid, cause the only difference is a star on it. no reference number to look up to prove the star is real..

  11. The four documents with my name and address on them weren't quite enough to get a Real id according to the DMV but the person behind the counter said that "the weight of all evidence is enough" so they gave me the Real ID even though they weren't supposed to

  12. I've lived at the same address for 8 years already. I shouldn't have to prove anything, the DMV already knows its me. Heck, they've even mailed me my last drivers license when it renewed.

  13. I never tested positive, but all my family did, and I was with them when they most likely got it.

  14. I looked at the link. It says "Final Fantasy Adventure" in the title and matches the game being played. Can you show me where it includes Mystic Quest gameplay?

  15. that's square being square, and calling the pal version of final fantasy adventures, mystic quest. as they were all supposed to be part of a bigger spin-off series, hence the same name.

  16. related, but capitalism has completely ruined traditional marriage anyways. its almost impossible for someone to be a stay at home parent. yes there's exceptions, but most families need both parents to work.

  17. for someone outside of chicago, $70k is not enough to live comfortably unless you've been your house for 10+ years.

  18. Heath Slater Vs. Curt Hawkins at great balls of fire 2017

  19. For example, people keeping border collies or greyhounds as pets in apartments is just as bad as this.

  20. pugs are a breed that should not exist. we do a huge disservice to them by makings new ones

  21. They don't know the difference between average and mean. There's one guy making like a billion dollars that's throwing the average off probably

  22. Bar Sinister is like an angel on one shoulder saying “save it for a good 5 or 6 drop” and the devil on the other saying “play ice man there turn 1”

  23. I played Ironman there and then blue marvel on a different location. 128 attack points.

  24. Lisa, stop blowing my sex.... I MEAN Stop blowing your sax!

  25. my girl likes to slap my butt just randomly, usually when I'm in the kitchen making meals. sounds silly, but I enjoy them. she's also recently switched up pet names, calling me love instead of babe/sweetie. I like that change.

  26. Man I wanted to like this movie so much… I enjoyed the book aside from a lot of repetitive bits. but a shitty future where the majority of the population just lives in VR letting the world around them crumble is such a cool concept. The book touched a lot more of the darker aspects of this where as the movie kinda just threw all that out and it became a happy adventure.

  27. I liked the book, but it's a bad story. The whole thing is a macguffin to just throw as many 80s references as it can.

  28. USA prefers the superior football.

  29. Right, because rotoscoping in the film sense would be filming something against like a green screen or something that you can composite into a different video.

  30. He didn't have the lobes for business.

  31. Also, fairly sure that verse was specifically running on from a rant about not engaging in incest... so it was likely just covering all bases in the 'incest' skill tree and not actually ruling out homosexuality... if anyone cares what an old book written by a bunch of bigots from thousands of years ago says. :|

  32. It's more about anti man-boy relationships. Which was a common thing apparently.

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