1. Annie and I tried but Cheryl wanted to lone wolf 😭

  2. i’m pretty sure it’s a random selection of skins, voice packs, avatars, music packs, and recalls it chooses from (it only chooses skins from before 2018, and if you own an item it chooses you wont get that daily deal; it’ll appear as a smite logo and say that you aren’t eligible.) it’s completely random so if you really want it i’d go for it lol that’s what i did for cyberfox da ji

  3. yemoja, drowning people with my ult is fun

  4. i’d love to help, and even play a few matches. i’m lvl 130 and my user is Lipheous, though i play on ps4 and not home atm. feel free to add me :)

  5. I also just thought about this 1 hour later buy, could I add you on discord?

  6. my phone usually runs it pretty smooth. once you get used to the controls it’s quite good for a mobile game

  7. just an iphone xr. i don’t have much else downloaded so that’s probably why 😅

  8. really?? i’ve been wanting to see her ingame since the god lineup, so excited!!

  9. nice play, just wonderin if the ankh was ever of use lol

  10. when i changed mine nothing major happened, tho some trophies did get desynced so it shows that i haven’t mastered 5 guardians and hunters lol, so it’s fine for the most part

  11. just a heads up; free rewards on ps4 only works for people in north america apparently, my friend in mexico couldn’t access the menu

  12. a tab called “earn free rewards” should be at the bottom left below “vault” if i’m not mistaken, that’s where you’ll find it

  13. i’m ps4 too, might be a regional issue then

  14. nu wa, aka the bane of my existence

  15. I 100% don't care. I would much rather have interesting god kits than pigeon hole them (the devs) into filling out pantheons.

  16. more like every god ever minus baba and mulan

  17. Is this some kind of match of the day? Is this a support nox? Why don't you have a starter? So many questions.

  18. to be fair, mages don’t really build starters anymore xd

  19. yup, unless you have shitty early game clear (i.e nu wa, nox, disco) never go conduit/ archmages

  20. oblivion ruler perse 100%, with izanami mastery as a close second

  21. Dont forget Paladins has that gross furry child cat girl thing take up half the screen when you die

  22. “12,000 have bowed before their queen” or somethin like that right

  23. i meant actual animals not anthro

  24. “enemy’s in the left jungle!” “be careful left!”x4 proceeds to push left, then dies due to called out gank “jung diff, just f6”

  25. I mean, that applies to any god. I see a lot of people using gods just cause they are meta even tho they have never played them before.

  26. they’re probably just learning them, and heard that they were good right now. practice makes perfect :P

  27. i’d have to agree with everything here, the gods and goddesses are what keeps me attached to this game, (just hit 800 hours 😅), and the feeling of saving someone as a tank or hitting that perfect aa cancel as a damage dealer is so so satisfying to me. it’s such a fun game, such a shame that most people feel unaccepted or are discouraged from playing because of the trolls and rudeness in the community, but once you find the perfect group for you it really enhances the experience. for example, you and your team finish a game where everyone played perfectly and put in their part, or when matchmaking works and the teams are even, just fighting it out and outplaying eachother. once you get past the community, it gets much better

  28. with her i like to build mostly prots since you’ll be in the enemy’s face taunting, so you’ll need either pestilence or contagion for anti heal. lots of cdr is amazing, i.e breastplate or genjis depending on which prot you need more, pridwin isn’t bad as you can confirm the explosion. some health (like thebes) is good, and void shield of you want to do some damage.

  29. ne zha basically just watched lol, nice play regardless

  30. heads up, they haven’t updated the daily bundle skins since like 1-3 years ago, dunno about weekly skins

  31. he does great in the early game, just beware of falling off faster than a car driving off a cliff in late game

  32. seeing as you said you’re new, i’m sure you’ll be fine tho

  33. yup, i’ve won countless times but it’s still stuck at 0

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