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  1. I mean it's just a fancy front on top of a 2 up 2 down isn't it? Get that for 100k and a couple tins of paint in Mansfield.

  2. For that you could do yourself a favour and move out of Mansfield, make sure you don't end up in Sutton though.

  3. Put them all up for sale, even that expensive toddler we just pissed 50+ million on.

  4. What's the odds on ten Haag quitting and us asking Gary Neville to step in?

  5. Sounds a lot like the idle shaft bearing in the gearbox of my brother in law's Suzuki swift, swapped the box for a second hand unit, clutch and release bearing all looked fine but we replaced those anyway. The play on the input shaft of the old box was ridiculous.

  6. imagine the possibilities with FDJ and Eriksen joining as well

  7. Forgot all about eriksen watching that goal, were close to having a subs bench that scares teams again.

  8. As a united fan I have to admit he should have at least 3 ballon d'Ors, every time we played arsenal he terrified me like no other player.

  9. I'm still using my original mx518 and the sight of these makes me fear the day she finally gives in.

  10. Only one thing for it then...... Turn up to his and do the same, he will soon get the idea unless he is a cess pit dweller that is happy to live in mess. Then it's probably best to keep him out.

  11. 640x480 was incredibly high resolution when this was new. Most games ran 320x240 or less.

  12. I have that cpu with a 2gb HD7770 and dirt 4 is probably the newest game I dared play on it, couldn't really max that out at 1080p but its ok for heating the room up, bit brave to pair with a fanless gpu.

  13. I just stand them on their head in the right position on a magnetic tray

  14. There is a shop called sabre sports in Sutton in ashfield on Outtram street, totally independent with a dartboard ready for you to try out whatever you like the look of. It's the only place I'll buy darts from.

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