1. The difference in this instance is the mainstream media egged it all on against Clinton. I'm almost certain the Lewinsky/Whitewater stuff was the single most covered topic of the '90s by the national media; the NYT in particular was basically an anti-Clinton tabloid for the decade. They seem to be not quite so eager to pile on this particular topic, perhaps because there are other stories that sell the news, perhaps because they are afraid of Trumpism.

  2. Another possible reason: There's not as much money to be made in news media today as back then.

  3. I love Jordan Klepper's dismantlings of MAGA bullcrap. Thanks for sharing - I'll bookmark for later.

  4. This is New Hampshires first power 6 win since 1986 when they beat Boston College 51-49.

  5. UGA the football school; Tech the basketball school. Terry Roberts is no Stetson Bennett.

  6. It's like both offenses don't even want to win through scoring. Nevertheless, tell you friends about a 7-3 SJSU Men's Hoops team!

  7. A top 25 team should not be struggling to beat home. Oh man

  8. That video of her auditioning for American idol ages ago is crazy.

  9. Wait… what?!?! Do you have a link? I need a laugh on this Monday afternoon.

  10. You can run for president while in jail according to Kanye. Can’t vote though.

  11. newsome doesn’t actually give a fuck about his constituency, he only cares about how said constituents perceive him.

  12. Serious question about your take. Are you implying that the constituents lack the agency to understand that Newsom's policies are (if we take you at your word, arguendo) harmful to their economic self interest?

  13. Not only that but they declined to post whatever it was the Trump administration had removed. If the campaign of someone running for office asking a company to remove a post is a violation of the 1st amendment than surely the people currently in office (at the time) doing the same would be an even bigger violation since they're the actual government, right? Why won't Elon share that info?

  14. "It technically wasn't President Trump, it was the bureaucracy/deep state/CIA/whatever!"

  15. 7 seasons at UNT, 44-44, had 6 losses on the season, seems awfully familiar to me...

  16. You lost to a ranked Kentucky team by 4 at neutral site in London. You’re 5-3, you went 19-15 last year and made it to the Sweet 16. Don’t think Howard’s job is in danger at this point

  17. How hot is Stan Heath's seat at EMU? So far it doesn't appear that getting Emoni Bates to return to Ypsi is delivering results for EMU.

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