1. Always like your stuff Manny keep it going!

  2. Cannabis Bonsai Exhibit Studio A-Ok (436 Columbia St) April 19-23 11am-6pm

  3. Exhibit will be at Studio A-Ok (436 Columbia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1T6) from April 19-23

  4. There will be a cannabonsai exhibit at Studio A-Ok (436 Columbia St) for 420 next week

  5. If the weed is smokeable this is a 15/10 gift for a pothead

  6. Just so curious on how it grows. Have you done any smoke tests on any other more developed plants? Have you had growth issues with that planter?

  7. OK, so I find these beautiful, and as a consumer, more than beautiful. What happens after they bloom? Does the plant just die?

  8. I have a specific process using autoflower strains. The whole process from seed takes three-four months depending on your seed genetics. After it flowers you harvest and the plant is done

  9. Thats actually gorgeous. I might try one myself. Did you do anything special with feeding?

  10. I just gave it a bit of nutrients once a week. I made a step by step guide video for this plant, here is the link

  11. Is weed easy to bonsai with? I never tried bonsai at all but I have a seed and no equipment or motivation to grow it well enough to smoke.

  12. I use autoflower seeds but I've seen people do it with regular seeds. If you want to get an idea of my process you can check out my guide videos

  13. When oil companies and mining companies destroy out environment, they are following the rules.

  14. I be done 30km runs where I spoke 4 joints throughout. Numbs the pain and help get you in a bit of trance

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