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  1. We can rename the cotton bowl the wok and play it there

  2. The Cotton Bowl is halfway between Austin and Frisco, too!

  3. One is green and healthy, while too much of the other gives you high blood pressure and constipation. Perfect!

  4. Any very good player, especially a goal scorer, is called a “crack” in Spanish-speaking soccer talk. I assume it comes from the English use of the word as an adjective to mean “excellent,” as in “a crack marksman” or “crack fighter pilot,” because it’s definitely not a Spanish word originally.

  5. Genuine question. Why is FCD shit on for having a stadium not within city limits but a vast majority of teams don’t have stadiums in their name sake?

  6. The easy answer is simply that it’s an easy way to get under FCD fans’ skin. If our stadium were in Leander or Round Rock or whatever I would fully expect other fans to remind us of it constantly and it would get under my skin. 😂

  7. I appreciate the Austin FC fanbase doing the speedrun into villainhood.

  8. It is funny being perceived as villains since from the inside I can tell you it feels more like we’re goofballs.

  9. Well Austin obviously, but if not us my order of preference is Philly, LAFC, NYC.

  10. Eh, if you're from NorCal you'll root for anyone to beat LA. I don't expect Pirates fans to be cheering the Phillies just cause we're in the same state

  11. Yes, this meme is NorCal erasure! (I was born in San Francisco and now live in Austin.)

  12. It’s mostly a joke at this point, although Felipe Martins seems to thrive on the idea that everyone is constantly disparaging us. If it helps motivate him I’m not going to interrupt. 😂

  13. Also Twellman: And this Austin crowd have gone silent (over the sound of horns and chanting)

  14. I was at the game in the McKalla End and noticed no dip in volume even when RSL went up 2-0 so I was surprised to hear him say that on the replay.

  15. Awesome! I was at the game but it’s great to see things like this, that so much of the city is watching, not just those in the stadium.

  16. Maybe if you could still own people you would be happier.

  17. 🎣 Definitely prefer neckbeards to lost cause losers.

  18. Would you mind giving some context to the animosity surrounding the supporter's group? I'm genuinely curious because it seems surprising since it's such a new club, I had assumed the culture was still in it's infancy. I've been a premier league fan for years and went to my first Austin FC match last weekend and had a blast, and I'm just now getting introduced to the Austin FC stuff.

  19. Join one of the supporters groups and come hang out with us. I bet you won’t feel animosity, but instead have a lot of fun.

  20. Wasn’t happy with Russell taunting us in the McKalla End after he scored his penalty, but we got to taunt him back after the final whistle and he looked up at us smiled sheepishly, which was kind of endearing. (Easy to say since we won. 😂)

  21. I subscribe. It’s good, and I like supporting local coverage of our club.

  22. Someone literally asked. I trust you can read as we’ve had a discussion back and forth. It’s there for you to find if you wish, but I’m guessing you dont. I made an initial claim and someone asked me to back it up so I did. I didnt go parading it around. One little comment has you this riled up. You’ve talked about it way more than I have here or anywhere else.

  23. No, you brought it up by saying you’ve been a season ticket holder longer than most, which everyone found very silly since pretty much everyone got their season tickets on the same day. Anyway, it was very funny, so thanks.

  24. Pretty much but not everyone. Just clarifying when a commenter assumed I was Dynamo. It was a simple comment to clarify that got people reaaaalllly triggered but I’m glad I could make you laugh. That’s what life’s about.

  25. Good. Also glad that the people who seemed to like him more after he was accused of domestic violence won’t get a chance to loudly cheer for him in an Austin FC shirt.

  26. Would have been insane if he hadn’t been selected.

  27. Yes! He’s become one of my favorite players. Excellent defender, relentless, and fearless. He made an amazing one-on-one tackle to win the ball from an attacker in the Atlanta match toward the end of the game when we were already up 3-0, but he was playing like the score was still 0-0.

  28. How about actually finding a way to help his baby momma out. Not raising money for something SHE will no benefit or get help from.

  29. What is your suggestion? The club is already giving her counseling and protection and probably money, too. The initial case began with a player’s spouse reporting the verbal abuse so she’s probably getting support from players’ families as well.

  30. We're not against raising money for those types of social issues. We're against y'all being assholes about it. But please hit me with another strawman fallacy.

  31. I agree. I’ve seen more than just pushback and argument on twitter, sorry.

  32. After Felipe says Chivas is his favorite Mexican team Driussi says of course and strokes his billy goat beard. 😂

  33. Maxi shops at Fiesta! And Tik is a UT fan! I love these guys.


  35. This can easily be disproven, meaning that you have lost the same argument yet again.

  36. The communist manifesto of soccer...good luck with that in America. You guys really are delusional.

  37. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

  38. I think he was just placing the sub Reddit to promote them too. They are also in the title.

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