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[OC] Cost of hosting the World Cup

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  1. In the leadup to the game? Sure. But the 1998 Rose Bowl was a one score game where Washington State was in a position to go for the win on the last play before some - shall we say interesting - clock management by the officiating crew turned the second to last play into the last play. The game was plenty exciting on its own.

  2. I hate when people bring up that last play like it is some forgotten injustice. They would have had a chance at one play from the 25. And the only reason they were down there is because they got away with maybe the most obvious OPI I've ever seen a couple of plays earlier on a 50 yard catch.

  3. "Most of the conspiracy theories, including the Phil Fulmer one, did not hold any water at all. Believe me, I looked at every ballot. Although I wasn't actually involved in the direct tabulation, I would ask questions and review the ballots every week, and especially gave a lot of scrutiny, certainly to the final ones."

  4. See, I never did things just to do them. Come on, what am I gonna do? Just all of a sudden jump up and grind my feet on someone's couch like that's something to do? Come on. I got a little more sense than that.

  5. Or really any NFL team right? I mean, that's the league he's in.

  6. If you make a profile on Marvel CDB there is a checklist for all released content.

  7. Yeah, if you still control a character that is not exhausted, you would need to fulfill that part of the card after the attack resolves.

  8. In the rules reference it states that "If the villain's hit point dial is reduced to zero, the players have defeated that stage of the villain" and "If the final stage of the villain deck is defeated, the players win the game." No need to continue after that.

  9. Yeah. The minions look at each other and say “welll shit, guess we’re not getting paid this week” and go home.

  10. LMAO, the first time I played through Mutant Genesis I drew Shadows of the Past on Colossus on the last villain phase before I won the game, 2 games in a row. The second time I just imagined Juggernaut stuck in traffic shaking his fist while a bunch of Sentinels are getting exploded.

  11. What oversight, though? One of the basic tenets of every superhero universe is that it takes supers to beat supers. Who has to stop the Avengers who "went rogue"? The other half of the Avengers. At the end of the day, you're always going to be relying on superhumans to make their own judgement calls on what do to in a given situation

  12. Which is pretty well exemplified by Iron Man immediately ignoring the Accords to go after Cap and Bucky.

  13. I'm not sure what you mean. I'm pretty sure every card has a set icon and set number printed in the bottom corner.

  14. I think most people, myself included, go with clears simply because there are so many dang cards. If you really want color backs I'd say you could easily get away with 2 colors. There are three backs in the game itself, but only villain cards are purple and those don't go into any decks anyway. If I had to guess, probably something like 2 to 1 blue to orange with the full collection.

  15. Identities are listed as "heroes and alter egos." What you're describing are characters.

  16. Unfortunately no, Under Surveillance raises target threat, which is specifically the top left number that is nulled out on NotS.

  17. Don't know why, but Shadowcat's solid mass form card looks like a totally different character to me.

  18. All I can find officially is that a side scheme is defeated when there is no remaining threat. However, these entries all direct the player to then discard said side scheme. Since you can't do that, I would not play as though I had defeated that side scheme if it was me since it has not been "defeated and discarded."

  19. I've had fun with War Machine and Quicksilver but never tried Nebula. In terms of deckbuilding, the only one of the 3 that has exclusive cards I've used in other decks is Quicksilver. Never Back Down and Nerves of Steel go into a lot of my protection decks and Sense of Justice makes it to a few Justice decks.

  20. Crossbones 19 is Cornered Staff, but I can't find one for sale.

  21. Thank you. So could it be, that this scenario is on the easy side of all scenarios? Hence the question Or is it more depending on the combination of main schemes and the used villains? Just felt rly easy with colossus and shadowcat

  22. It just depends I think. I actually played this scenario with Cyclops and Phoenix last night and I had to let the side scheme that gives every character retaliate complete because it was killing my allies too fast. Once that left (got the one that gives everyone +1 ATK) I was able to win pretty easily. The previous try I lost due to Dark Phoenix and Mystique coming out simultaneously and some other tough luck around that that I couldn't come back from.

  23. I think Omega Red is most likely, but I could make a case for Lady Deathstrike or for it being the Weapon X program.

  24. I'm loving him! Currently my favorite hero. I think he's incredibly strong if you run the full x-men support package. Danger Room + his alter ego ability + game time is just absurdly good. He's the best at building voltron leadership of any hero I've played.

  25. Part of the reason I am so excited for Storm is because she has some cool leadership cards that I can't wait to try with Cyclops. I don't have much interest in trying him in any other aspect at the moment.

  26. Your first instinct is right, they are specifically for the campaign.

  27. If i liked slay the spire will i like this?

  28. Can't say for sure, but I like Slay the Spire and love Monster Train.

  29. You will need the standard encounter set for sure.

  30. Either that or The Hood pack since it has the Standard and Expert II sets, but I wouldn't want to start playing with either of those.

  31. I just store the campaign stuff right along with the encounter sets in the same order as they are numbered and it works pretty well for me, but I do find it a bit annoying that he wasn't printed as a separate card on principle. After playing through it a few times now, I think I'll leave him out of the Master Mold one going forward anyway. He makes it almost too easy, at least on standard.

  32. I just read this to say when she attacks a minion, she's attacking every minion. I'm not too familiar with the character, but it looks like she's creating a literal duststorm to damage them, makes sense schematically.

  33. Did you go to the Scott Steiner school of math or something?

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