1. Why is he so corny again? He’s not anywhere near as bad as Dax or Tom McDonald’s goofy asses.

  2. He's Dax and Tom McDonald's stylistic father lol

  3. It's a little odd, actually. Generally that sort of agreement would be part of a package of things they'd want you to sign upon hiring you. Getting that and nothing else is unusual, unless more things are coming right away. I'd read it closely before signing it, make sure you know what rights you're signing away.

  4. My understanding of the document is that I can still file workman's comp, disability or unemployment but if I try to sue them over pay it will be through their arbitrator who will likely not side with me. From what I can see, that was the only document they sent thus far. I'm waiting to hear back from them, I'm going to follow up if I don't hear from them in the next couple days.

  5. This sounds like an interesting read, thank you for your suggestion.

  6. {{So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson}} maybe

  7. Really bro? You're against bullying and harassing gay people? I expected better from you. You can't see because my head is up my ass but I shed a tear. You changed bro. Unfollowed, muted, reported, blocked, I am going to buy all of your merch and burn it

  8. azelastine a H1 antihistaminic usually sold in nasal spray form, in my experience, it’s a weak deliriants with very very very weak visual and an heavy deliriant headspace

  9. Can you tell me more about trimebutine?

  10. Thank you. I'm never relapsing on dph. This post did it for me. I'm sorry you're too far gone.

  11. "The world does not revolve around you." Wow man you are too far gone,

  12. In defense of Insane Clown Posse, they never claimed to be intellectuals. They never tried to be anything other than themselves and I respect that.

  13. “i’m the shit i’m fartin, i don’t know how to potty”

  14. Incredibly stupid lyric but I love it

  15. It's the reason why we have the term "Jail bait".

  16. That is a very weird point to argue

  17. You honestly can't see the difference between someone being attracted to a 10 year old and someone being attracted to a 20 year old?

  18. No, I only think being attracted to people who are underage is bad. If you are attracted to people who are underage at all, that is a problem. I don't care if she looks 20, if you're an adult and you fuck someone who's prefrontal cortex has not fully developed you are a scum bag

  19. If I die you better finish my drugs for me I didn't spend 5/6ths of every paycheck on that shit for it to go to waste

  20. When you said "I bought my daughter a baby birkin, I fuck her good got her legs hurtin", why do you make the decision to say that

  21. Battle rap I would say is more along the lines of performance art and spoken word than literature. I know that's not the point but I like talking about artistic shit like that, it interests me. Rum Nitty is obviously an excellent battle rapper

  22. These guys are annoying but I can't bring myself to dislike them.

  23. I tried but I couldn't find them all. It's okay

  24. You say you're a scorpion girl me too

  25. As a Muslim (can't speak for other religions because I don't know them well) every trial/test/struggle is definitely the will of Allah used to test a person and potentially eliminate their sins if they're patient enough. Even then, Allah/God is beyond human comprehension and understanding and that's what truly makes him our Lord.

  26. I am not surprised that Drake would do this. It tracks. He is quite simply, that kind of guy

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