1. The hotline is the content I dislike the most, it is pretty hit and miss, I think it is fine and pretty good when it is like the cherry on top of his other content but when it becomes the cake I think it is pretty disappointing.

  2. Unless he takes me to court, he is welcome to rewrite the narrative however he likes, and I'm moving on. I'll have done my duty.

  3. There's no concern and there's no trolling. I'm directly criticizing you, and you're dodging the criticism.

  4. Yeah, you're purposely annoying and unpleasant so I am not interested in your criticism. If you can get over your hate watching phase I'll be more interested.

  5. Dude stfu you're not deep and Mr. Pedo rapist assigned y'all to be outraged over 13 year old thought crimes, you "people" are very clearly the ones who have no thoughts of your own. stop projecting and go fix yourself

  6. The DDOS kid was in 2011. That was not even 12 years ago, you disingenuous fucking liar. I wonder what else you fucking lied about.

  7. why are you so mad about 2 out of 13 years exxageration after you exxagerated 2 women to 90% of dozens of women that were on Steven's stream?

  8. It's coming down the PIKE, not the PIPE. The mrgirl article is coming down the PIKE.

  9. The fact that we agreed on everything and then had a serious rift over coffee was funny.

  10. Destiny does not make requests like that. I felt the need to promise not to reveal it because I wanted to be helpful, and I hope that I was.

  11. When you made the original post were you under the impression that Destiny had recently been commenting about this?

  12. That was my impression, because someone made a post saying that. But either way I have to address it.

  13. I think the other commenter is correct, probably around 10 days. I'm hoping for sooner, but 10 days is more likely.

  14. I didn't share any private info with anyone. I didn't share any private info about Ana on stream, except that they were still sexting, which I had her permission to share.

  15. It's possible I've lost the plot, and I regret the series of life decisions I made that led me to have enough context to assert this, but...

  16. He is going around leaking stuff, she is right to be concerned, and naive for believing him.

  17. You claimed, on a public stream that there was a “gigantic pattern of abuse”. You're now walking that back?

  18. You accused him of sexual misconduct, not just having a lot of sexual relationships. Come on max, there are clips of you saying it.

  19. Yes, I think his public actions amounted to sexual misconduct, and still think that. You're welcome to disagree with that interpretation.

  20. Sounds like the typical mrretard approach. "I hate something, i dont know why yet but ill find out if i break my brain about it enough".

  21. Do you think most people who plan to murder someone get a gun license first so the murder weapon can be traced to them?

  22. I don't know how well planned out most murders are, but I imagine that at least most successful murders are better planned than that.

  23. This is the third time you are attacking Shaelin, wtf is wrong with you

  24. Nobody is really a full-blown sociopath, especially if you know them decently well. Everyone has some empathy, and we're all different levels of detached.

  25. The purpose of the article is to tell the truth about some abusive things Destiny has done. My hope is that this will shine a light on the potential for abuse on these streaming platforms, and Reddit, and that norms and policies will shift to protect vulnerable people. So, similar goals to the metoo movement.

  26. Hey Max, didn't you punch your ex in the face?

  27. I mention his relationship and personal choices to show that I am not morally aligned with many of his decisions.

  28. I don't have much of a desire to destroy Destiny, and you are again making false equivalences, apparently not for the purpose of making planning to kill a kid sound normal, but that is what you're doing.

  29. I think you hope your article changes Destiny's ways. And that if it doesn't on a personal level, it'll wound his creditability enough that his audience falls off and he fades into obscurity.

  30. Getting your ex-friend/abuser to change their ways comes from a very different place from "his desire to destroy" the DDOS kid. This is a false equivalence.

  31. This is a lie. Edit: it's not true, I don't know if he is intentionally lying.

  32. Wait, I remember you saying on stream that Steven didnt tell you the secret but you learned it from somebody else. Now someone hearing this thing would never think that that somebody else is Melina coz why would you phrase it like that. Max, take a guess. What are the chances that Melina asked Steven for permission before she revealed the secret? IMO the chances are pretty high. So why would you phrase it "someone else told me", making the viewers think that this happened without destiny's consent and approval thus cancelling his claim that "he told you" when essentially that's what he did. edit:

  33. Ok, let’s define creep as “a person who acts sexually in ways that are socially unacceptable”. So, a person could be a creep according to some people and not to others. It will also depend on the culture. Additionally, what is considered creepy changes as society changes.

  34. I think the headline of the article implies that the author believes most people would consider this guy a creep. I personally consider him a creep and I also believe many others would consider him a creep. I don't think I have an "objective" definition of creep.

  35. But are you creeped out by him?

  36. What is this showing? Are you blocked?

  37. Thank you for all this, it's helpful. I think I need to gauge the interest and therefore possible budget to shoot for before I can answer these.

  38. Will you continue to talk about Destiny after the article drops? Is he a permanent fixture in the content now?

  39. Nope. I will be open to adding to it if other people want to come forward, but the next project will be the NFT video.

  40. Whats so wrong about this comment in particular? Guy asked a question and got a pretty detailed response and thanked his prior commentor for it. Or did you link the wrong thing?

  41. It is disturbing watching him tell the cult to help him feel good about Destiny planning to kill a kid, and then he breathes a sigh of relief when they reassimilate him, and then they hit him with the dggl.

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