1. Looks great! Just about to pop a couple of these. What light are you running?

  2. I had this one under a ts3000. It showed some leaf taco early into flower though so no need to overdo it

  3. Is the odor leaning towards the cdlc side, or the stomper? I've grown both and love both but I've been looking for a cdlc cross that still retains some of it's offensive terps.

  4. This pheno in particular had that smell at first. It was strong that hit me as soon as i opened the tent, a dead animal with burning tires and some chem mixed in there that got heavier towards the end. Now during the cure it has a more tropical citrus chem smell that took over, but its only been in the jars for a couple weeks so it still has some more time to go. I had another one that was the opposite, sweet during the whole grow just like candy, not that strong but it was there, really nice too but doesnt compare to the other. That ones also curing and still has a sweet smell but way weaker than this. Youd have to get lucky to get the pheno you want though, ive seen a lot of different variations on here

  5. Lst clips, just for lst. I use them on some branches and others i tie down. Id only put them on if the braches arent too stiff though, theyre like supercropping without snapping the branch bending at almost 90 degrees.

  6. XRP TO BANK??? Im not too familiar with crypto, but I have some XRP thats been sitting in my Coinbase account for a couple years and want to withdraw to my bank. Ive downloaded a couple wallets and binance but it seems more complicated than I thought to just get the funds in my bank account. Does anyone know what steps I could take?

  7. The Vmax V3 pro is one of the best entry level devices with a great price to performance ratio. I would personally stst there just because you may wind up not liking vaping when you try it.

  8. Whats there to not like with vaping? And how do the two compare, they both look similar in price from what ive seen

  9. Just stating it, vaping still smells although less than buring a joint.

  10. I dont care about the smell personally, ive just been having to go out to smoke everytime because of how strong it is and how it leaks everywhere. Thanks for the recommendations though ill check them out, the tinymight 2 was on my list but looks overpriced compared to other options

  11. I'm vaping on some of that right now. One of my favorites from them for sure!

  12. It's up there on my list too. A perfect hybrid, just hope some of that kiwi flavor comes out through the cure

  13. I definitely got that sour taste on my exhales, and another just like it on the inhale. It's def a good night cap.

  14. Better taste with the vape? I've been only using papers for so long

  15. Good grow! I have one that was a mutant and exploded!!! Excited to see how she stacks up. Just hit pre flower.

  16. Thanks and good luck! Wasnt the most dense but it packed on some frost and was very impressed with the quality. Got just over 2 oz with this one

  17. Ayee i love to hear that. Youre in for a treat with that one, i already grew two of em and both packed some πŸ”₯ , very different from eachother too.

  18. Anyone know what causes the stems to turn purple? Might have done so much before the leaves turn

  19. Ive heard it could be genetics or deficiency. My guess is probably a deficiency but ive never had an issue

  20. whats the A thing supposed to be?

  21. I use the 3l in a 3x3 and my dry tent and its decent. Its not the strongest on high but that could be cause im constantly intaking and exhausting air. I havent had any issues but dont depend on the auto feature cause its not that accurate

  22. Do i need to post it to prove im growing or are you saying youd like to see it

  23. Its already got a tropical citrus chem smell and gives nice balanced effects. Uplifting and clear headed enough to do whatever and a little relaxing but not sleepy. I only tried a couple lowers and bracts though and chopped when it was mostly cloudy with not too much amber.

  24. Just used some leftover fox farm nutes i had, some floralicious plus, calmag and molasses. Ill be switching over to something else once im all out of them though since im not the biggest fan. Appreciate it though

  25. I grew this along with a few other plants and it was the smallest. This was the only one i had in soil (3 gallons of ffof/ffhf in a fabric pot), and also was the only one that gave me lockout issues compared to the others i had in a coco/soil mix. The conditions definitely impacted how it grew, slow and very leafy buds but im surprised that it didnt turn out as bad as i thought. I pulled just under 50 grams and its sticky as hell.

  26. Ill give some updates on the smell and taste once they cure up after a few weeks, probably wont try it until then. The smell is definitely there with some OG in it but kinda hard to describe.

  27. wow, stunning, where did u get the beans?

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