1. Top half bottom half. Top half would Be split into sections that didn’t come apart and the spaces between those sections would be dados so the shelves would slide in. I’d make the top shelf be a piece and the counter top piece be a piece. Then the bottom half would be two hands around the fire place

  2. Yeah, this was my intiial approach too. I figured I could make the upper section 1, 3, 5, 7 with pocket screws and have dados in the outside uppers to put the connecting shelves in. Just seemed a bit finicky doing it that way. But fortune favours the brave!

  3. Oh also…. Where does the tv go? Shouldn’t the middle be empty of shelves to house the tv?

  4. I typed this before I saw your comment. I agree that you should build the “skeleton” of the structure then do the face frame. Since it’s in your home you can instal and then build the face frame without much grief becuase you’re the customer. I’d do it in a similar manner to how you split up the bottom half and top half with the counter being a nice break in the face frame sight line. Since the upper cabinets won’t be as deep as the bottom cabinets your face frame for the top half can die into the countertop part. For splitting up the face frame on the top I think you could it similarly to 1357 being units and 246 being sub assemblies. Beings that you are painting I would affix it with brad nails and glue.

  5. Wasn’t there a trend to steam your vagina back in the day? I think this could be for that

  6. It’s terrible never use it. Private message me and I’ll give you an address where you can send it to be recycled

  7. I told my kids this is where they make rocket fuel for space shuttles

  8. Oh wait hey actually make jet fuel there?

  9. Oh god. The step up to the octagon. Idk why people insist on multi level decks. With ground movement and ice heave in our area they only look good for a couple of years

  10. Her name was Sarah. Boy did she get played

  11. This is the dumbest thing. You know most wild flowers bloom for like 1 week and the rest of their growing season they look like weeds. Not to mention you said cheapest option so you probably didn’t spring for the highest quality of seed

  12. A lot of them bloom for longer and that. Hopefully, if they got a decent, native mix then it should have successional blooms with different bloom times.

  13. Since you’re asking how to make the cute I feel it is important to add make sure you mark which side of the line to cut on or your lengths will be way off. Cutting on the wrong side can remove an extra 1/8 inch or so depending on the type of blade you have in your saw.

  14. Are these good chisels? I bought a set and like them But I know nothing about chisels and picked them over the other choice cause they had wood handles not plastic rubber.

  15. Idk what century you live in but cribs with drop gates are a no no

  16. Those nails are ribbed and they don’t pull out.

  17. This is a measure 3 4 maybe 6 times and cut maybe 4 5 6 times scenario. Also the angle piece is ment to be in compression so you would want them meeting at the top middle not the bottom middle.

  18. I would also build this as a square door then measure and cut it to the radius and manufacture the radius once it’s built not as you built it

  19. It’s funny that he can laugh at Johnny’s childhood pictures but look at bam now and Johnny now.

  20. It means I got yelled at for not putting my towel in the laundry

  21. That is called reclaimed as in nature is reclaiming it

  22. If this was a car people would say you were robbing the junk yard of a few dollars

  23. Hahaha I’ll fall for it. what’s a dicfur?

  24. If I was going to send this through the planer I would just change the blades after and then keep those blades around for that type of use in the future. I have changed my blades like 3 times and I still have the old blades. Not for this reason I’m just bad at throwing stuff away. Maybe you have an old set laying around still

  25. You’re not alone. I have three pairs around. One that is purely for heavy figure or wild grain, one that is for the normal hardwoods, and then one for construction lumber, and anything that is stupid hard, like hickory.

  26. I have kept old saw blades and cleaned them up I know they’re not the softest but if I’m ever cutting through a different material or some dirty old boards I don’t want to run my nice expensive blades through that material. Pine is terrible for build up on the blade and that really effects them.

  27. Also you might be thinking anhydrous ammonia. Totally different.

  28. Probably was anhydrous ammonia. It’s a common fertilizer to increase nitrogen content of soil, especially for corn. “Anhydrous” only means there is zero water in it.

  29. Correct. I guess I didn’t pay attention just saw anhydrous.

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