1. Whenever I've dropped that, it is usually just because the facility itself is nicer. The Men's Restroom at the Theatre that I work at has two stalls, the lights horror flicker on, and it's absolutely barebones in terms of decor. However, the women's room has a pretty sizable "lobby", art, well lit mirrors (without sinks just below them), plants, lights that simply turn on when you enter, and like 18 stalls. And this isn't the first time I've experienced this.

  2. I mean if you went there why not try to recreate the photo? If you were able to do that then I’d say you might be on to something. Otherwise I don’t get this post

  3. Even if they did, their photo would be separated by decades of change to the surrounding area and water levels.

  4. I really like these combos. Wish Nintendo would go this route some options. Everything so far has largely been very bright and kind of over the top. These look really classy and premium.

  5. You don't want to disable it, or you won't have a bell sound when/if you want one. Go into your trigger settings and adjust the parameters so you can reduce or eliminate cross-talk.

  6. Florida man threatens to destroy everyone... with army of turtles

  7. I, too, wasn't really sure if it would be up my alley before checking it out. But holy hell, it was great. I absolutely loved it.

  8. Should have sold more. Control is a fucking incredible game.

  9. Maybe it's different in other parts of the world. But here in the States it seems like you can find better deals on their most recent hardware than the previous year's devices.

  10. No. It has a far worse APU and battery performance. S23 has a lot of pretty significant improvements over the 22. My wife has a 22 Ultra and I have a 23 Ultra. I wasn't expecting much and was surprised.

  11. Just make sure that it will fit a 7mm rod.

  12. Unless you only want to play on your own simply for the fun of it, an acoustic kit is an absolute necessity. eDrums are a great tool for practicing, but honestly kind of a terrible tool for building a foundation. And the longer you establish these issues that often arise from learning on eDrums, the harder it could be to shake those bad habits.

  13. Cloud integration meaning what? How much tighter could ya get if games always required internet like a lot do now anyways. Gamepass is getting a friend and family sub so that also is coming to fruition in a way....

  14. I think maybe they don't do that because discs are definitely being sunset. I mean how much life is there for them? Definitely headed to VHS land if you look at the data.

  15. They don't do that because the hysterical gaming population would rather react negatively to the necessary DRM required to make it function than have a highly useful feature.

  16. I’ll throw the 2-Box brand in here as well. I love the controller and the fact you can use about every triggered pad on the market.

  17. It is very cool, but not nearly as refined or easy to use as the Roland modules. I had one for a bit and it required a fair amount of tinkering to get right. And even after all that, I never quite got the hats to feel right.

  18. I don't know for sure what exact model this is. But it looks similar to the Accent series, but with a Rocker style badge.

  19. If you are/have been partial to the A Sweet Ride, then absolutely consider the 22" K Light Ride. I've used all forms of this line (20"-24") for nearly 15 years now. In my opinion, it's Zildjian's best cymbal. Beautifully warm wash, great stick articulation, and a solid enough bell. It won't check all of the boxes (no ride will). But if you love a ride that gets nice and washy, then I'm pretty sure you will love this ride as well.

  20. It's been a while since I used a Sweet Ride. But from what I remember, the 22" K Light Ride is similar, but warmer and more well rounded. Won't be a Ping or Medium or even the K Custom Dark, but IMO sounds perfect.

  21. Carla Azar. Played a show with her band Autolux back in the early 00's and she really blew me away. She has since recorded on a number of Jack White's solo albums and been part of his touring band. A really great player.

  22. I'm more of a stall with a locked door kind of guy.

  23. Naughty Dog, without a doubt. Everything else I can essentially live without.

  24. I feel like IGN could be handing out more 10's in just this this year than they have in the last ten years.

  25. I had like 4 lessons at the age of 11, so I kind of consider myself to be self taught. I just had a drum kit and played it. Listened to songs and tried my best to learn them. I also started playing with people not long after. Was playing in bands by 13 and even touring by 14.

  26. Absolutely! Everything looks super clean. Great drums, great hardware, great cymbals, and a great price.

  27. Looking forward to checking out Tchia later this month.

  28. Playing the drums and, um, playing the drums.

  29. I don't think she is a "very good drummer"....but I do think that she was the best drummer for The White Stripes. She brought a certain type of unique character to the songs that an actual "very good drummer" likely wouldn't have.

  30. so, i find this really interesting. it can open up a really productive internal discussion of artistic aesthetics, if we let it.

  31. Do we really want 10 year long console cycles?

  32. If it takes then three years to even get off the ground in the first place, then yeah.

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