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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. No thanks. I'm fine following the boards direction they're taking the company. I don't need any more representation than I already have.

  2. Gtfo, Dave is on his own side and most of the time his convictions align with most gme hodlers. This is a bitch move trying to make him look like the enemy over a bill that doesn't even touch his personal mission.

  3. "We the investors" should be concerned about legal action towards compelled divestment.

  4. He should be super concerned with the investments of foreign adversaries? I'd rather him continue focusing on the issues that more directly affect us personally, which he's doing.

  5. No. Why would people invested in GME get upset about other people pouring money into it?

  6. You seem to be under the mistaken impression that I am trying to help SHFs.

  7. What I'm saying is your solution isn't applicable in the real world. We can sit here all day and tie pretty little bows on hypothetical solutions to real world problems. The problem is they aren't playing from a place of fear. The crash of 2008 saw one person go to jail for somewhat unconnected charges and huge bailouts. There are only tiny infractions from the SEC for getting caught illegally making billions of dollars.

  8. Who's abandoning hope? If i was hopeless I wouldn't be here. Just because my hope doesn't align with yours doesn't mean I don't have any.

  9. People need to wake up and just don't sell their call options. Because once they sell them, Citadel can simply give a bit cash and they are fine with it since they have hundred of billions. But once exersiced, a contract is a contract

  10. I buy hodl drs all day long, but I fully support those highly regarded traders that are bleeding SHF and stacking shares through options...

  11. I’m pretty sure that’s from quarter 3. Didn’t they release at 5 last fiscal quarter?

  12. I think you're right. I misread the OP's post and then they edited it out. Sorry guys!

  13. Technically you're late for this earnings call, but you've made it with plenty of time to spare for the next. Excellent work

  14. There are zero theories in the photo you posted. Just three days and what's actually occurring on them.

  15. Fortnite is not making any IMX integration announcement next week. It's a dumbass idea

  16. Again, zero theories in the photo you posted. Epic is moving into the nft/web3 space, and param/kiraverse does have ties to them. It's definitely something to keep an eye on.

  17. Are you forgetting how accurate it was for several quarterly reports before the freak drop in the last one?

  18. I was tired before gamestop, I ain't going anywhere.

  19. I guess "i lost all my money" fud wasn't working so now we have "I lost all my girlfriends".

  20. The opening of the post is “there were obviously other contributing factors” I never tried to make anyone believe everything else was great in the relationship.

  21. Yes, but the post makes it seem like this was a much bigger problem than those. And it's such a vague blame put on the stock.

  22. Haven't seen many stonk ones for a while and I'd say only 70% are getting delivered. So I don't know if there's problems with delivery or they're just karma farms.

  23. Damn, I 100% deliver mine and only make about 150 karma each time. I'm missing out on this scam haha.

  24. Karma farmers sell the accounts or get paid for engagement, so maybe they're building a good reputation on this sub in order to sow the seeds of doubt later.

  25. Yeah I understand the concept, but to me someone with crazy high karma doesn't influence my opinion of them, I just assume they spend a ton of time on reddit.

  26. Brick by brick. Have to walk before you can run.

  27. You have a good point. But I believe it's only temporary.

  28. Hell no. Why risk the entire motor for such a cheap part to replace?

  29. You complain about stale meme's and no fresh posts, so I looked at your post history. It's full of stale meme's haha. A lot of "wut color lambo" stuff.


  31. Then the public is ill informed, as has been the standard for its whole existence.

  32. Plus, where this is all going they won't even have to understand or even deal with nft's. It'll be the seamlessly integrated back bone of commerce and they'll go about unknowingly using them and be happy.

  33. Yeah, the explosion of useless AI chats and wild speculative theories about mergers and wishful dividends lately is all just bland filler. It's just fan fiction for gme.

  34. Literally the title of the post "How do I get this bolt out?!"

  35. If that's a crank pulley he'll have to lock the crank if he wants to use leverage...

  36. It could just mean party, sleep, shower, launch. They even liked a tweet that suggested the same. May have zero to do with towel stock.

  37. That's all fine and dandy but you're also not hosting a YouTube channel being watched by millions of kids. As a YouTuber, he does not have the responsibility to be a good role model for kids. As a decent human being, he does, however.

  38. You're correct. There are videos of me fabricating on YouTube, but they're not watched by "millions of kids" haha.

  39. Exactly. It’s also not like he goes around saying “welding masks are for wusses! If you’re a real man you can stare right at it!”

  40. I've actually worked with guys like that haha. They usually end up paying for that machismo stupidity later.

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