1. Do you have a 3D printer? If you do, lychee slicer just added a feature that allows you to cut a model up and print parts of it easily, in the pro version. You will need the file as well obviously.

  2. You're right, I didn't give enough details. I have a printer, and looking for suggestions of free stls I csn scavange

  3. I don't have the file. It's a mini he bought, not printed

  4. Love the sculpts! In particular the Dragon and the spiders

  5. I am not sure of what the effect is on a failed role with more HP. Believe they are injured but suffer no ill effect... what does it mean in gamw terms?

  6. one important thing you left out: It takes an action to repeat the save. So on the turn you realize you're not dead you can still get up, bonus action dust off, and move, but not take any action.

  7. Cam you update the link to reflect the new language?

  8. Are they actually down or just damaged?

  9. I's like to point you to the Admiral Kuznitsov, Russia's carrier. Russia's ability to support maintenance is... well... not that great. Damaged is already pretty bad for them

  10. Did you want to keep it clear and paint some parts or just prime the whole thing

  11. That's part of the issue here. It makes no sense to paint it all, but then how do you prime only parts? And what about highlights on the edges? Prime just that?? But the primer would make it opaque

  12. Never have I seen reddit so keen on Israeli weapons...

  13. In case there is some uncured resin inside, I'd leave it in the sun for a few good hours.

  14. The duration of the curing process depends on the amount of UV light. The sunnier 2 weeks were, the better (cured) will be the result.

  15. I am waiting for when it's safe to put in the garbage. I was hoping that at this point it's safe enough. I dis move it to am open container in the sun (I live in Israel, plwnty of sun), so it can evaporate/cure faster

  16. If it's not printing past the raft, supports are not the issue. More likely build plate leveling or (more likely) exposure

  17. How used is you FEP? Have you tried changing it?

  18. There's a setting most people don't speak of - 'rest time before lift'. Someone mentioned it to me here on reddit, and it really helpes me. I upped it to 0.25 and it did wonders for me. It lets the resin harden ever so slightly more before going up. Trt it

  19. I was really thinkinh of doing that, but not sure how to pull it off. Any advice?

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