1. Garrett Wilson is going to lead rookie receivers this year. He is an incredible talent and remarkably polished and consistent. And he won't have all eyes on him with Moore on the field with him, giving him a great chance to explode onto the field

  2. It’s also public Billy’s MySpace League. Can you join it that way?

  3. Are you talking about the plant in the back right corner, I don’t believe that’s a germ, how would I know?

  4. Dude do you seriously not see all that brown powder on your lower middle and lower left leaves??

  5. I’ll keep an eye on it, and take it seriously. However I think that’s from when I added dry amendments to the soil some spilled out of the spoon I was using and I just didn’t see it. Any other tell tale signs to look for

  6. It’s worth noting this is my first grow, which is why I ask

  7. What 1k watt light did you get? If its some 100w labeled as 1k your in for a surprise in that large of a tent.

  8. 8 plants is a lot for a 4x4 if you are going to LST. You will fill that space up quicker than you think. Growing that many plants typically lends itself better to a sea of green style. My advice would be less plants in bigger pots. Are you growing all the same strain, or multiple varieties?

  9. I can always get bigger pots, what would you recommend. I got gorilla glue and auto pounder from herbie seeds. 8 auto pounder, 4 gorilla glue auto

  10. The thing for me is I have a pair of 10.5 (my tts), and they're too tight on me. So I'm trying to get a size 11 and then sell my 10.5 (which I wore for one day). So I don't know if I can offer a price you'd be happy with. This color way is selling below retail on eBay (check completed listings). So I feel like my offer would be below retail because that's the best I'll be able to do on selling my 10.5, but I don't want to offend you. I'd be thinking like 250 based on what I'm seeing on eBay. But again, I don't wanna offend you. Let me know your thoughts.

  11. What about at retail, I’m kinda desperate for money? Plus shipping included?

  12. Yeah cool, I mean shipping additional just to clarify

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