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  1. I've figured that Doom Eternal is fun either on Nightmare where you have to absolutely do your best and avoid getting hit OR on "I'm too young to die" which pretty much feels like you're playing Quake with 'god' cheat code which is still super fun.. like, instead of having sweaty armpits you actually do feel powerful.

  2. That already has more use than the BFG... Srsly I save BFG ammo just to shoot the darn archvile point blank when it shows up.

  3. I tried it while jogging. It was disheartening: I felt I was slow, dashing didn't work, and no demons to slay...

  4. "DOON" is the game where Paul Atreides decided to take his revenge on the Harkonnens via a more direct route -- by blasting through the hordes of sardukar with a super shotgun and BFG and taking the throne alone.

  5. Please please please don't expect it to play like 2016. Literally every bad comment on steam complains about how it's not similar to 2016. Enjoy it for the kickass game it is!

  6. They've claimed that Mick had used distortion; well, Chad didn't even add crossfades!

  7. Distortion??? In a soundtrack for a hellish demon shooter???

  8. Srsly this thing shouldn't be allowed to run anything less cool than Doom Eternal... yea so pretty much only Doom Eternal XD

  9. I'm still hoping we get a Wolfenstein 3

  10. I'm sad that some gamer folks' lives lack substance enough that an issue like this changes their day from awesome to miserable... I mean, I'm also upset but it doesn't rise to any level higher than "let's make Dr. Betruger quote Marty Stratton" gif cinememe..

  11. Doom eternal is my second favorite, right behind the original. It's a lot like doom 2016, just better.

  12. I'd imagine the pr boost. SRSLY! what reputation damage? If Marty goes yada yada, we screwed up, I screwed up, we'll pay what he's owed and correct the record, and you guys will get your OST... We'll have his picture with a halo on this subreddit again for owning up to it

  13. Hugo's design: use every weapon! Reality: ssg, ballista, ssg, ballista, ssg, ballista, meathook, blood punch, freeze, blood punch, ssg, ballista, but too bad- that darn archvile is still standing😄

  14. id Software had made my childhood a lot happier... And gave me a constant feeling of anxiety about my graphics card never being good enough, but that's another story... Anyway, id has a place in my heart that cannot be replaced by anything else, no matter how nasty some professional disputes can be.

  15. Yea I guess you can't be too mad at a guy named Chad 😄 besides, doom sound work is solid AF 🤙

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