1. I say that because he lives in a warm climate going to a cold climate. He may be having issues with the glow plug system and not know it. Happened to me. A little squirt got me started so I could get home.

  2. Risk of ignition by the glow plugs, or predetonation from compression is not worth it to me. Ford also recommends against it.

  3. Did you compare the weight between the new and old forks?

  4. Update: the lawn company used "Momentum 4-Score and Quin-Way 1.5L" which the datasheet says does not affect tall fescue at all, and I can seed immediately after.

  5. Are you sure the herbicide used was labeled that seeding a month after was OK?

  6. Lawn guy told me 2 weeks. I'll try again earlier next year.

  7. It was Momentum 4-Score and Quin-Way 1.5L. documentation says it does not affect tall fescue.

  8. Coming back to this: I got some no-name ebay mirrors and they are awful. The mirror is not even glass; it's plastic and is warped. The housings themselves are ok, but the mirrors rattle, though my OEM mirrors would move around at highway speeds.

  9. I have the 17+ mirrors from boostauto.com on my 05 and they have been awesome. Wife wanted the upgraded switchbacks and it pushed the price to $500 but the mirrors have been quality

  10. I admit that they look good, but that's just too much for me to justify currently without holding the mirrors in my hand first.

  11. I love how they gloss over the sexual acts with a minor portion: "...for what police euphemistically describe in court documents as “a non-monetary form of payment” in his cruiser..."

  12. Wow that's wild. Saving up for a CNC plasma and can only dream of a laser table.

  13. If it means anything, it's not mine. Main part of my job involves programming CNC machines (generating G-code). I generated the CAD file, created the G-Code and thankfully was able to squeeze into the laser and run the part (about 2-3min of run time).

  14. I appreciate the advice. While I do unfortunately agree that some cheesy kitchen signs will make a killing at the local farmer's market, I do have some unique ideas I've been keeping track of to test out. A belt sander is my next project, but otherwise I'm pretty set up in my little shop.

  15. I have yet to build mine, but I plan on using extruded aluminum as the decking on a steel frame. I don't like the huge heavy skirted style and I'm trying to save weight.

  16. I have an '03 f250 lariat with the grey leather. I purchased the bottom foam and leather for the driver's seat. Followed their video to the "T" and I think it's perfect.

  17. I kind of glanced at the videos on their site, and it didn’t seem too bad. I just need to pull the trigger . I was thinking Katskinz, but that foam on the outside drivers seat is pretty rough

  18. Just do it! You'll wonder why you waited so long, especially if you're putting in some decent window time.

  19. I remember reading about LED drivers failing and causing the lights to turn blue/purple/pink.

  20. Nice! I’m still rocking my 2013 SIR 9 in hard tail SS mode. Many bikes have come and gone, but this one remains.

  21. Such a great frame! I think I'll get some slightly skinnier but more knobby tires and try out SS here soon. I'm in my highest gear 99% if the time anyway

  22. Can’t quite tell - Did you repair the head/down tube joint or add a gusset?

  23. A crack had formed along the weld so I had it ground out and rewelded inside and out.

  24. I was told by customer service that the Shimano B01S style will work with the Logan brakes. I'm replacing mine tomorrow and can follow-up with you then to see if they actually work.

  25. 4 days late, but I can confirm they are the B01S STYLE. The current/updated pad is actually B05S. Do not get them from amazon because they are confirmed fake/knockoff Shimano.

  26. Damn I bought some off Amazon and they seemed legit. The brakes sound and work great so far but we will see.

  27. For me I'd pick the 2018 unless I absolutely needed the DRW for the payload capacity. Easy to overlook the added cost of a delete as well.

  28. Furthermore: $6k for a 3 year newer truck with almost 20% less mileage. '17+ is supposed to drive and tow better than the previous Gen as well. Ford has excellent pdfs on towing and hauling capacity which varies greatly between your two choices.

  29. Smarter every day did a video on this. He rewired his brain to ride a bike with the steering backwards.

  30. If I was spending $1k on a compressor, I wouldn't go for anything single stage, and would consider gently used to make that happen.

  31. I have a really dumb question. That single stage has a higher CFM than a two stage in the $1200 range. If I don't need higher PSI, what would be the advantage of going to a two stage? Just more air on tap in the same 60gal tank?

  32. Nice, I love the rotors btw, I thought about it on mine but I think I have too much purple already 😂

  33. No such thing as too much purple 💜, but rotors come in all colors.

  34. I love my RipRacer but my rear brakes have squealed endlessly from the start. I've realigned them, etc no luck. Anybody have any tips?

  35. Pads are super cheap from your local bike shop. Try those first!

  36. My 01 moves when I crank. Can confirm it reads about 500. (High torque starter)

  37. OP *probably* has a bad CPS...easiest fix there is! Probably easier than topping up the oil.

  38. I agree vacuum pump is the sound (normal). On another note, I think that the 01 should show RPM when cranking (only 02-03 do not move the tach). This to me means that the CPS is the very first place I would look.

  39. I would just buy a 500 or 300 series.

  40. Thanks, it's so dry here that once I crack the door on my current museum piece, it's all dry within the hour. Sounds like the 500 will be fine.

  41. Hey everyone. New to this community. I actually work for an appliance manufacturer. With that comes the perk of being able to give out discounts on appliances. It’s somewhere around 20-30% depending on type and brand, and all orders over 400 bucks get free shipping. I can hand out an unlimited amount of theses discounts and can hand them out to whoever I’d like to. Figured I’d try to help anyone I could out on saving some money.

  42. Have any more pics of the foot pads/pegs? Where did you get them from?

  43. Same here! I saw this post a few days ago and decided to try it out. Fixed the sequel right away. The stock brakes were total crap, no wonder they make so much noise. Glad you suggested the newer compound, it was not much extra and I am sure will last longer and provide better results.

  44. Yeah, I had initially purchased the same ones as OP a few days earlier, but they were counterfeit from Amazon! Local bike shop saved the day with the newer compound too!

  45. Yeah I'll never order bike parts from Amazon for that reason. Glad you supported your LBS, this is the way!

  46. Were you able to successfully automate this? I'm trying to do something similar. I'm also a noob and not sure how I could make it speed related, as I would like it to open when I pull up on my bike, but not when on foot.

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