1. Yes! And the worst part is that I'm not allowed to interview at other companies since I have already accepted an offer. Had to decline 3 interviews because of it. And if this gets rescinded, I'd experience the best example of 'life isn't fair'

  2. who said u can’t interview other companies?

  3. currently interviewing with a company that i like, this post was made in the chance that i get an offer from them

  4. you’re wild for considering reneging for a company who hasn’t given you an offer yet

  5. I used JSON for the custom save system. It's an easy way to read and store data

  6. Usually people who do software engineering degrees are the ones who couldn’t cut it in the CS degree. You won’t find any top schools that offer software engineering degrees

  7. i wouldnt say that. i couldve done either but i saw se as more practical than cs. you can take the same courses, but se is more practical

  8. Could you not have used another email or call the recruiter? Losing the interview because of this seems pretty ridiculous..

  9. If it makes you feel any better, I failed calc 1 5 times and am finally going to pass it this week. I’m taking calc 2 starting Thursday so hopefully I can get it in 1 go. If you don’t pass, it’s not big deal, just try again and you’ll already have a base foundation to build on 😄

  10. Oh good. Yes, this is a valuable lesson: HR is not anyone’s friend. They are a last resort. I’m glad you have a good manager. I think you will be fine. Good luck.

  11. Why do you say HR isnt anyones friend? Just curious as ill be starting my career soon

  12. You sound like someone who has never had any pride in anything you've done or worse, not done anything worth having pride in.

  13. chill dude, its just an essay on robert e lee lol

  14. The OP obviously put in a lot of work and is proud of that essay. He doesn't want his hard work to go to waste and you demeaning his or her desire to actually put his work to use make you seem like a dick.

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