1. Can someone explain why a single 100-player 1-life deathmatch in a shrinking playzone, with alternative team variations, is all a game need to be nowadays to be considered one of the greats?

  2. You should be able to create a Hotkey in the Streamlabs Desktop software in the settings then create a hotkey on your Elgato Stream Deck to trigger the saving of a reply.

  3. I ended up going down that path but currently worried how some games that I play with controller instead of k/m will react when I randomly hit a key on my keyboard.

  4. You mean like a Halo tabletop wargame? There's one of those already, look up Halo: Ground Command

  5. Also Halo Fleet Battles, which from what I understand there is some compatibility between the 2 but ground command was meant to be a faster game.

  6. I feel like being told to use Windows and taking more space up shouldn't be a solution. Linux support is pretty important. I would love to get back into MCC someday but I'm literally waiting on Linux Support. The only other temp way around is game pass ultimate streaming and I don't like how blurry that get's sometimes.

  7. I disagree that Linux support is important, the game has never made claims to support Linux. We don't make claims that Mac support is also pretty important.

  8. Just because you don't care does not make it 'unimportant'. You're kidding yourself if you think Steam Deck isn't becoming mainstream.

  9. First off, I don't hate Linux. I work with it professionally on a daily basis.

  10. Frustratingly no, I never figured it out. Which is annoying since I spent more on this model specifically for the dual zone.

  11. Will this be enough to finally put certain rumors to rest?

  12. Oh of course not, the industry could change dramatically and anything can happen. And yeah I would agree that likely the future of 343 is tied a lot to what happens with Halo Infinite. However I am of the opinion that things were already looking good before the layoffs happened and they were on a good track.

  13. How much room does your Windows installation take up on the SSD? Did you have to use a special lightweight version of it? Can you still play games off SD cards on Windows?

  14. Because of the games I wanted to play on the Windows side (largely because of Game Pass) I upgrade my internal storage from 256 to 1tb. I kinda wish I had just done the 512 at first but whatever.

  15. I have a steam deck but haven’t needed to look into storage yet (play a very small # of games); would a UHS-II class card help the data transfer bottleneck or is the reader UHS-I only?

  16. So that is something I am not entirely sure about. It seems like the Steam Deck does not fully utilize UHS-II doing some quick searching around.

  17. If this posts twice I apologize, it looks like my original comment was lost somehow.

  18. You could try and contact the last owners of the game for information about that, not sure if It was spartan games or someone else (sorry for probably not the best english)

  19. Unless I am mistaken, spartan games shut down and it didn't get any new owners.

  20. This is a response to 1 cherry-picked sentence from an article where there are many more facts and reporting done. IGN even clarifies they’re not sure the source is correct in their analysis.

  21. The only facts, at least that are relevant to the last week, are the number of layoffs.

  22. Is this a low hanging fruit of a bug that can be resolved to make the community think 343i is still working on making the game better/ playable so we’ll spend in the store, and our time playing? At this point, I’m just not sure enough of the future of the game for a bug fix like this to mean anything without a roadmap of how they’re going to fix their networking issues + content issues. If 343i’s good at anything, it’s not communicating, and not listening as part of that communication. I don’t expect a roadmap, post layoffs, but it’s what I need to feel like this ship isn’t sinking incredibly quickly; the life support plug is already dangling from the wall kinda situation.

  23. My mistake, commenter cwhiterun in the post, talked about having to post to Twitter about the cheaters to report, and still no good reporting system currently. Still has a lot of upvotes, no disputing of 343 having people do what you all are calling "witch hunting," and some other commenters agreeing that former system happened.

  24. To my knowledge you have been able to report through Halo Waypoint since the launch of the game

  25. Fair enough. But if reporting for cheating is "impossible" as you all seem to think, and 343 can't fix it, what is your solution?

  26. Hold up, where did any of us say that reporting for cheating is impossible? Just that you likely don't have access to the data to confirm that they are actually cheating just by looking at theater.

  27. Hmm, I can't find anything else that would have been released before 2009 that would be like that.

  28. Personally I hope they never come back, I don't think they serve a purpose other some flashy animation that just slows everything down.

  29. That doesn't work for the person you are assassinating.

  30. Boosts don't work on events. The event is not XP based but challenge based.


  32. Do you think the Winter battle pass needs to be 4 months? I don't count it as an actual season

  33. I mean the only difference between the winter season and a numbered one is that there is only one track and it’s 30 levels.

  34. It would have been nice if they simply added a paragraph to acknowledge all of the discussion raised by the layoffs, even a simple “we’re listening”. I’ll take what I can get and hope for the future.

  35. We got communication about it on Saturday.

  36. I continue to believe that Halo was always a borderline M rated game in the first place.

  37. Technically speaking I feel like most of the Halo games do a decent enough job of explaining what you need to at least be able to follow what is happening.

  38. Maybe... just maybe you are being downvoted because you have a serious attitude problem?

  39. I did not know about the other ones, but I use the Halo 2 one any time I rewire my sound system to make sure everything is wired properly. Before moving to other tests.

  40. I disagree, I can find faults in every halo game going back to the original.

  41. Come on it has been 2 days. Technically less than that.

  42. This community wildly speculating and having conflicting rumors that turn out to be false! Shocking!

  43. They did also say "and a lot of this is either wrong or just speculation."

  44. Personally, I would not expect any communication from them this week.

  45. For me a lot of my love of Halo came from timing.

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