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  1. YES! YES! Someone did it. YES! Thank god. She finally kissed her. Now i can rip 💀😭

  2. I thought that is leluch, i don't know the spelling to his name but that death note gundam guy

  3. Wait what?? Geass characters gives me nightmares. All looks like endermans. Still that's a good series tbh.

  4. the real disappointment is they're not showing robot hacker face !

  5. So, can I ask what we're talking about?

  6. i love how becca's pointed her gun to david's head expecting someone else knocking their door, but after realising it was david, instead of lowering the gun, she kept it aimed at david's head while keeping her friendly talk.

  7. *Me: Praising for making such deep meaning animation expressions. Animator: Who forgot to animate her lowering hand

  8. Depends. Sweetness and Lightning is a slice from life. Its also a really good. Its the single dad with a daughter genre.

  9. Nah man what I'm telling is, IRL a slice of life doesn't go like that 😂 and I shouldn't be laughing.

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