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  1. There is a parrot species that do eat meat, can't remember the name. Other than that, no, usually it's seeds, fruit and vegetables

  2. actually, parrots are omnivorous. they will not hesitate to eat a carcass or even hunt small animals (rodents or birds) if they see an easy opportunity.

  3. actually, parrots are omnivores and will not hesitate to eat a carcass or even hunt smaller animals (be it rodents or birds) if they see an easy opportunity in the wild.

  4. Definitely don’t buy her an air pulse toy if she’s never used one. There’s many people that just do not enjoy that sensation.

  5. okay, but, how is she supposed to know if she likes it if she doesn't try?

  6. i’m just saying they tend to be expensive and don’t work for everyone whereas wands are pretty universal. I’ve seen a handful of posts in this sub in just the last week of people talking about not liking their air pulse toys/ wanting to know how they can try to like them.

  7. my satisfyer 1 ng (? the one that uses regular batteries) cost only 20 bucks.

  8. treats! they are great for training!

  9. Thanks! I do plan to use them as treats but I’m worried Woodstock and Monet won’t be able to get through them before the oils inside go rancid and didn’t want to waste perfectly good seeds 😰

  10. IDK I don't think seeds actually go wrong.

  11. This is how my English professor was, and I agreed with her reasoning. There's no such thing as perfect English, so 95 was for great work and 96 was for the rare exceptional piece. I got one 96 in her class, and I will always be happy with that.

  12. okay, but, even for an essay. no typos, no wrong words, no mistakes, good writing on the topic = 100%

  13. IDK how to explain it but I definitely feel the "pop" when going out. like the needle got stuck and pulls at the skin when going out (I don't really feel anything needle-wise when going in)

  14. i’m using tattoo needles, yes. sometimes i feel a small tug coming out, but they usually end up being the spots where i go too deep, which is why i’m asking.

  15. that doesn't make much sense

  16. disengaging is the best way to let them know they shouldn't do that

  17. looks okay, but I would peel it off with my nails, just in case some food gets stuck under it and gets moldy (... I have sort of an irrational fear of that happening)

  18. okay but, for real, what are those white things in their faces?

  19. young kids and small birds do not really mix...

  20. honestly, that looks real nice.

  21. Thank you! I’m gonna try to draw the design somewhere first to decide what to do with it and post it again when I do it :) (there’s someone going around downvoting all of my comments and it seems like they got you as well 😅)

  22. no clue on what flair to select so I picked that one. mods feel free to correct me.

  23. I want to know what the glyphids diet normally consists of? They have canine teeth so they're eating something with meat and they've got to be eating a lot of it when you've got them evolving into the likes of Oppressors, Dreadnoughts and Detonators.

  24. The top half got ripped off about 5 years ago (he's 15 yrs old now). I walked over to his cage one night and he was hanging out on top of it with his beak half off, shockingly chill all things considered. Not entirely sure how it happened, could've been my quaker parrot at the time or he could've gotten it caught on something (he has a different cage and toys now). Sped over to the emergency vet and he was okay, just had to spend a month at home in a sanitized quarantine box with 2x daily meds. Turns out his beak got severed right at the quick so it never grew back. He eats mostly fresh food and softened pellets now (I pre-soften Harrisons pellets and he softens his own zupreem pellets in his water). He requires a little extra grooming help but otherwise is a very happy cuddly conure!

  25. poor thing. at least he's happy and living a great life.

  26. this is totally over the place

  27. I have two and tbh IDK where one of them is. but then I, uh, may or may not leave it for a whole day (... or two if it's at the end)

  28. Europe =/= EU. OP said European. And UK is not part of EU either

  29. at least they used to be -- especially in the depicted period.

  30. most probably the same as your other scars.

  31. it's safe in that it's not toxic, but it's porous so it will harbor bacteria, unless it's the kind that can be boiled

  32. Well, I hope you are wrong, I don’t think it’s an issue in my case. They live in this cage for half a year already.

  33. it's not huge, but it's fine as long as they get to spend a handful of hours a day outside.

  34. so, buy your own oil? cheapest oil will (should) do, a liter should be enough (or even less) on a small-ish pt (since it's taller and narrower than a pan)

  35. My relationship with kissing is... off, probably. My personal gut feeling is that kissing is foreplay. The only people I kiss are people I want to sleep with ASAP. However, it's a type of foreplay that for some reason most people can watch without it being a pervy thing. I personally always instinctively look away when people are kissing, just like when someone whips his dick out to pee. It's just too private, so I avert my eyes. BUT. Meanwhile society doesn't agree with me and decided that kissing is a romantic thing. It's so romantically coded, that they even make all wedding guests watch the people getting married do it (can't say the same thing for the wedding night). Which is probably the reason why I feel uncomfortable doing it, even though I see it as basically just foreplay you can do in public without getting arrested.

  36. foe me it's a weird thing. too romantic for sex, too sexual for plain romance.

  37. Pls, buy some toy cleaner at your local sex shop.

  38. I mean, does it work on silicone toys? sure

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