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  1. That’s because you joined the match that’s already playing and if you get the “defeated” screen, you don’t get wins even if you get the most kills. If you leave the match you get banned for 5 minutes. It’s pathetic really.

  2. But thats not my fault that I joined a started game, matchmaking should do better

  3. its impossible to get that low of a score without being afk, so try playing the match and not sitting around doing nothing

  4. I can confidently say im ussally the most active person in a lobby

  5. Wdym max? Im 20 outta 100 games played and im not even top 100 on the leaderboard,

  6. you’re tweaking g. mafia is too fire

  7. Not really party songs tbh, id prefer songs like ktm drip, all life long etc

  8. If acctually did porn, he wouldn’t have blown up as big

  9. I only see the Battery Condition :( My model is Mac Air 2018

  10. Cool… what makes them different and how do you make?

  11. They taste heavenly, for noodles follow the instructions on packet, and for eggs fry 1-2 and keep yolk a little runny, season eggs(optional), and I sometimes garnish with fried/caramelised onions to enhance flavour

  12. this is so much better than the official cover art tbh

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