1. Yes and no. Most likely what is going to happen is windows will hit you with a popup or screen that says it recognizes new or different hardware please enter activation code to activate windows. If you have the activation code you will be fine if you dont and its a digital license then you will be better off formatting and reinstalling.


  3. OP, why do you think Kerry is a top 5 douche? Reasons?

  4. For one Kicked Dave Lombardo out after jeff died all because Dave wanted to see the books (What are you hiding Kerry?)

  5. The key word is "Can" but its better to err on the side of caution

  6. Those files can almost fit on a 3.5 Floppy disk, no, they're not taking much space.

  7. In case they are too young to know what a 3.5 disk is.

  8. It should already be out I have the a52 5g and I just got the update a couple of week ago

  9. impact and eventually the screen will die out because of it. It will look like this for awhile (maybe a week) then it will start to bleed then stop turning on (the monitor)

  10. I was just told how last night in this sub forgot by who but they deserve the credit

  11. I had to go to the website because the app showed it already in my library. If you go to the website, click the 3 dots next to the game title, and select the PS Plus version and Add to Library. It should collapse so it only shows one version in your library then.

  12. Because it needs to install updates to processes that are running so it needs to reboot to install those updates before windows loads

  13. So I have an eclectic taste in music myself and no joke give country a try, not that pop country shit out of Nashville but something more along the lines of like Hank Williams the 3rd he does both metal/punk and country you won't regret it if you'd be open to it I can slap together a quick playlist for ya

  14. not that pop country shit out of Nashville but something more along the lines of like Hank Williams the 3rd" Is the funniest shit I have heard today.

  15. Four horseman, Disposable hero, Frayed ends of sanity

  16. Just out of curiosity have either of you tried a factory reset?

  17. But how many already out in the wild are still sealed in factory packaging?

  18. Milo’s tea it’s very sooth and doesn’t leave a weird after taste like a lot of teas do

  19. You are a "F"ing asshole you obviously dont know the shitty feeling a person has when they have to spend the holidays alone especially someone that is serving and can't get home for the holidays.

  20. call metro and have them move your billing date. Since you have half the bill you can move your date a max of 2 weeks.

  21. Amazon prime video works different than other streaming services.

  22. Yeah mate, I'm sure that one of the most successful touring bands of modern times is struggling for cash when it comes to that last leg of the tour. All the other big metal bands are coming down here, but Metallica won't even acknowledge our existence.

  23. They go on tour to make money not lose money and at this point in time going to Australia would more than likely cause them to lose money.

  24. For the Napster situation? Definitely not. Musicians struggle twice as hard as before due to digital streaming and the only people that got mad is the ones that were pissed because they couldn’t pirate people’s art for free. For turning Jason’s bass so low? Yes. Pretty shitty thing to do. For his drumming skills? More of an annoyance than a hatred. I wish he’d incorporate different styles and switch it up but at the same time, that’s up for him to decide. He’s a bit of a diva sometimes, but which rockstars aren’t? He’s one of the people that keep Metallica together. They’re very lucky they had a business minded person in the band. Too many bands with talent fall into the hands of corrupted agencies.

  25. FYI musicians never really made any money off their records all their money is made from tours.

  26. Your problem is not with metro but with the person who has their old (your) number tied to their account.

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