AITA for wanting to limit my BIL’s access to my unborn daughter because of his dating choices?

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If We as a society must live with this, Then We have a right to look at the bodies, We need to look at the bodies, If this is what we are going to allowed from now on, we must be aware of the consequences fully.

I'm in this with you.

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  1. Does anybody watch this shit? I think he is my most hated person and I want to genuinely see him suffer. Especially after he’s ramped up his transphobia recently. I want to see this fucker bleed.

  2. Batman is just big brother’s shitty uncle. Unpopular opinion maybe: ACAB includes Batman

  3. The venues are going strong, and there are a lot of excellent bands that could all fall under the “punk” genre label. End It is arguably the biggest hardcore band right now, and Turnstile is one of the biggest bands in alternative/punk in the world. Praise, Jivebomb, Kill Lincoln (DMV for sure) are just a few more. It’s a great time in Charm City.

  4. That’s good. The only people I really still know around there are total maniac and BRAT

  5. But I played in a lot of bands there over the 10 years that I lived there.

  6. A lot of truck stops are checking CDLs now to keep truckers from passing on shower credits and are no longer reliable for this. I was homeless for two years in the wake of C19 and learned that the hard way.

  7. A lot of atheists in AA. They plug in whatever euphemism they want. No "you're an addict and only faith in god will cure you."

  8. That’s basically what they want from you with the “higher power” thing. It really doesn’t work for everyone and that’s ok. Not everyone wants to surrender to a “higher power” whatever that higher power might be. I for one found aa extremely un-helpful.

  9. Any you’d recommend? I’d love some local bands to actually go watch live, most of the time I just go see whoever’s on at the Cherry bar

  10. One out of five homicide victims with Restraining Orders are murdered within two days of obtaining the order

  11. This makes me want to vomit. I can’t believe people can read stories of the survivors and the victims families and not be horrified that the USA continues to be so cavalier about the lives of children.

  12. Not even just children. 60 people were killed in Vegas and almost 900 injured and that shooting almost never gets brought up. That’s how fucking “normal” this is. Unbelievable

  13. If we’re not then “getting one shot out” and “jamming” are the same thing aren’t they?

  14. Fair enough haha. I ask because I was at the conflict riot at glasshouse. I was also at the gbh/broken bones riot at the orange pavilion in San Bernardino in 2006

  15. But I don’t remember a causalities riot and I was going to a lot of shows out there back then. I’ve been on the east coast since 2010

  16. not specifically shooting but just potential unpredictable behaviour and possibly violence. psych meds, testosterone can mean aggression if any of the road rage jokes have truth behind them.

  17. currently I only know of one by a friend if a friend and while this person is spoken well of they are also described as moody or "having one of her off days/periods"

  18. Well they are an anomaly. Anybody can be moody like you describe. I know plenty of men and women (cis) that are moody or having off periods. Listen, I happen to know a decent amount of people many of whom happen to be trans. Guess what? They are normal, loving, caring people who have good days and bad days. Just like anybody else. This shooting has nothing to do with being trans and has everything to do with this shooter being an individual piece of shit. Just like all the other shooters.

  19. Why would someone make fun of you for wearing ear plugs? I see people at shows all the time wearing them and I wear them while I ply shows

  20. Looks uncomfortably at Marjorie Taylor Greene.

  21. Idt she would ever go against trump. She worships him and begs for his attention

  22. Nobody gives a fuck about Chris Christie. Trump humiliated him in 2016 and nobody forgot in 2020. Plus bridge gate. Why would 24 be any different?

  23. Someone said it best, that luke created his own shit head joaquin phoenix joker personality, idolizes guns, and chaos.

  24. There is always something about that guy that I didn’t like. He started hanging around the house. I lived at a lot and I moved almost immediately.

  25. As much as I’d love to live on a Mountain in the Rockies, I’ve been living half an hour outside of my city and I’m going crazy with loneliness lol. I’d leave the United States but I need social life for sure so I’d probably move somewhere like Barcelona, Copenhagen, somewhere in Australia or Mexico City. Somewhere with a good punk scene

  26. Last podcast on the left has become pretty unlistenable in the last couple years. 2 years ago i couldn’t get enough and I’ve been listening since 2015. They had a good run. It’s just too much side topic stuff

  27. Agent orange - living in darkness. That is what you’re looking for I think.

  28. Fascism has been out in the open for ages, the idea that it hasn't been is just because people were either acting like it didn't exist, or not attempting to challenge it.

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